Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting Great Deals Grumpy Style

I'm on my way to shop! Shop at the swap! 

One might ask, why does one wear a Designated Grumpy Zone T-Shirt when shopping at the Swap? Because I must bully the sellers into giving me the prices I want! Or because I'm just weird like that.

The smell of dust, dirt and grime! I have arrived! Vindication is mine! 

These are my goods. I barely bought anything today. It's a bit of a sad haul really. Though, I barely spent anything either.  Picture frame $1, Photo Album $0.50, Rolling Pin $1, Reindeer $0.50, Calendar $0.50, Hot Pink Cup with Straw $1, Hanger Space Savers 4 for $1, Green Jar $1. Shopping in the Grumpy Zone... Priceless!

The $0.50 Photo Album is velvet with a peacock feather design. It's in brand new condition.  I heart it. 

The $0.50 Fairy Calender is already hanging pretty near our desk area. 

I just adore reindeers. And they are so hard to find for inexpensive. It felt like Christmas morning when Rudolph's cousin Randolph came home with me for $0.50!

I didn't take another picture of the rolling pin that I purchased for $1. Can you believe the lady that sold it to me asked if I knew what it was for? She said she thought I was too young to know. And she was right! Fortunately for me, I just recently watched the history channel... Just kidding, just kidding. I think it's my anti wrinkle cream kicking in. ;0)

This $1 green jar had a Ross tag for $6.99. 

It's already washed and sitting pretty in the (wo)man cave. 

You see, told ya. 

I sent Hubby a pic of this tool cart for $25. He wasn't impressed. Picky, picky. Though, I guess it really isn't that nice. The seller was trying to tell me it was a Craftsman. I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night. Big liar. At least it doesn't look like one anyway. 

And my $3 favorite buy of the day! (I have yet to clean it.) But Leslie, I thought you and your husband didn't have any kids? We don't. One can dream, can't she? See, told you I was weird. It was too cute to pass up!

Oh, and I purchased a cactus plant for $3, pink geraniums at a yardsale for $2 and a white lily of the nile at the same yardsale for $2. The CEO of Flower Gloves and Rubber Boots must know the name of all flowers in her garden. (That would be me of course.) 

The seller even loaded them in my truck for me. I liked that. Easy Breezy. I have yet to take a picture of them and I'm feeling lazy to go outside and do so. So you will just have to take my word for it. :0)

Till next time my visitors, pinch those pennies where you can and make me proud! Stay Grumpy my friends! ;0)

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