Our Fur Babies

My Flea Market Flea Bag
Here is my most Favorite Flea Market Find of all Time!  Tabitha Marie!

This is my favorite girl. She is a wonderful cat that I love with all of my heart.  She is already 9 years old.

I got her for free at the Swap Meet 9 years ago. She was super tiny then. She was the runt of the litter and fit in the palm of my hand. There were a few other kittens being given away as well and she was not the cutest. She was the smallest and resembled a rat in a way. There was a white kitten with blue eyes and a orange kitten with green eyes.  And I figured those other kittens had a better chance of finding a home than she might have. So, I chose her. I have a knack for spotting diamonds in the rough. Have you seen my husband?

I actually got her to give to my boss at the time. My former boss was looking to get a kitten and I thought I would surprise her with one. Though, come Monday at work when I told my boss about her. She told me I should keep her for myself.  I had never had a cat my whole life. I grew up only having dogs. Big dogs. I definitely didn't know anything about taking care of a kitten.  But my boss told me all I needed to know.  And once I got home and spent more time with her, I really did want to keep her. And we have been together ever since. 

She's like me in more ways than one. She's very temperamental and moody. She likes lots of attention and enjoys eating and sleeping a lot. She's not very social and doesn't take a liking to strangers right away. She's even a little grumpy sometimes.  She loves her family very much and loves to shower them with love and affection. She has beautiful green eyes, big ears and the cutest nose. You see, told you, just like me. ;0)

She always likes to be well groomed and look her best. She is a super healthy cat. 

Tabitha is a bit of a daddy's girl as well. Though, she likes to be wherever mommy is. 

She even told us when she was ready for a new addition to our family. A kitty addition that is... (This is actually my niece's stroller.)

And here is the newest addition to the Fry household. Meet Charlie Angel. 
My mother in law actually found him under a car and asked if we would want him. I wasn't sure if Tabitha would take a liking to him. Though, Hubby and I loved him right away. It took Tabitha about a day to let us know she thought he was a keeper. 
Now they are the best of friends. 

Charlie loves to play catch and explore outside. He is a bit skittish around strangers. He has a girlfriend named Trouble. She is a black stray outdoor cat that lives in our backyard and comes to the door to visit him for dates. 

Kitties say "This one is occupied".
Charlie is growing more and more everyday. He is already two years old and very healthy.  Notice his big paws?  I think he might just grow into those.  He's already longer than Tabitha.  Though, she is heavier. 

Did I mention he is a daddy's boy? I mean, a real daddy's boy. His favorite place to be is daddy's lap. 

Such a handsome one. 

Our kitties enjoying their favorite pastime being outdoors. 

You see, daddy's boy. 

Charlie loves to sleep on his back. As well as do yoga. 
The kitties trying to motivate me to workout. 

Charlie looking foxy. 

My two handsome boys looking bad to the bone. 

Here is one of our outdoor cats. His name is Shadow. He is a stray cat that decided to live in our backyard. Which is fine by us. Tabitha is in love with him.

The two love birds.  I mean, love cats.

Shadow really enjoys playing soccer. 

The black cat in the back is Trouble. She is Charlie's girlfriend. She is the other stray that lives in our backyard and I believe Shadow is her daddy. She just showed up one day. No other kittens, just her. We are unable to catch these two. Believe me, I've tried. We feed them and they are safe living in our backyard for as long as they want to. 
Well, that's going to be it on this post! I hope you enjoyed getting to know our feline family! 

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