Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Red, White & Blue Swap Meet Haul

I started off my morning wearing red, white and blue. I was feeling a bit patriotic. And why wouldn't I? I am so proud to be an American! Little did I know this would set the tone of my Swap Meet Haul. :0)

I purchased this Bald Eagle Statue for $0.50!

This Red Bubble Vase cost $0.50! It will be so pretty to use for 4th of July, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. 

Angel Teddy Bear in a Wagon cost $1! Two of the wheels need to be screwed on. I noticed this year that we didn't have many 4th of July decorations. This will be the perfect addition. 

United We Stand T-Shirt cost $1. I got this for my Hubsters. :0)

Lovely Red Necklace cost $0.50! It's red hot! 

Navy Blue Basket cost $1. I purchased this for a friend of mine that is having her bathroom done in a nautical theme. 

Nautical Picture Frame cost $1. I also purchased this for my friend. Maybe she can insert a picture of her and her husband. :0)

Four Cloth Napkins cost $1 for all. Perfect for 4th of July. They still had the tags and don't appear to have ever been used. 

Large Bottle of Bubbles cost $1. It will be great to use with our bubble maker. Oh how I love bubbles! 

This Hugs and Kisses Frame cost $1! I'm going to insert a picture of me and my hubbylicious. :0)

This Mini Basket with Leather Handles cost $0.50! Too cute! 

Chips and Salsa Bowl Set cost $1! What a Fantastic Buy!!!

Beaded Necklace cost $0.50. Such vibrant colors. 

Angel Night Light cost $1. The light bulb even worked! 

This Mat was Free! I'm not sure of what it is to be used for. Though, I'm thinking of using it as my sewing machine cover. I can sew some ties to it. :0)

These Nine West Heels cost $1! I'm sexy and I know it! 

This Purse Necklace cost $2. I adore that it opens as a locket. 

Shell Tissue Holder cost $0.50! It will look great in our bedroom. 

This Iron Rose Base cost $1. I'm going to use it as a coaster for our bedroom night stand. Too bad they weren't selling two of them. 

Silky Fabric cost $0.50. I think the print is so pretty. It's quite a few yards too. 

Iron Jewelry Stand cost $0.50. This will be great to hang earrings on. 

Bread Basket cost $1. I just heart the ceramic sunflower handles. 

Brown Wood Box cost $1. Going to use it to store hubby's mini colognes. 

Craft Scissors cost $0.50. 

This Fan Water Spray Bottle cost $0.50! It's definitely going to help beat this San Diego heat wave!

Belt Hook cost $0.50. This will be used for hubby's belts. 

This Pillow cost $3. I had to have it! It reminded me of my hubby and I. This might just be my favorite buy of the day! I had to save the best for last. 

That's going to be it on this post! Till next time my fellow patriots! Stay proud! :0)



  1. WOW you have amazed me once again with your incredible finds! Your DIY projects and tips keep me coming back for more! I can't wait to start my own DIY project. Thank you for encouraging us all to do it ourselves.

  2. Awww... Thank you for the very sweet comment. It really makes my day!