Saturday, March 22, 2014

Easter Bunny Decorating

Hippity, Hoppity Easter's On It's Way!

Isn't this Bunny just Darling? Some Bunny somewhere has got to think so too! 

She's a bit tuckered out from chasing around her three naughty Bunny Babies all day. 

They are finally resting in her apron and are about to munch on carrots for an afternoon snack. 

Even though she is a Mom of Three, she hasn't lost her Playboy Bunny sex appeal.

Peter Cottontail agrees! He just got back from hopping down the bunny trail. 

Oh my gosh! It's a Bunny Graveyard! Don't worry, it's Easter, they will resurrect in three days. ;0)

Do you usually make a mess when you are in the process of changing things? I almost always do. Yowzers!

This Bunny in a Basket will offer you a napkin at every meal. 

How cute is this gal? You can call her Flower if you want to. ;0)

In case you were wondering , I did clean up. 

Bugs is egg-cited for me to fill his bowl with mini chocolate eggs. 

This Pretty and Plump Bunny reminds me of our cat. 

See, told you. Tabitha Marie is very pretty and oh so plump!  Don't judge. We all have our struggles. No Easter Yummies for her this year. 

Here is our Easter Mantel 2014.  This is from shopping the house and having one small bin with Easter decor. No new items were bought. 

This Circle of Bunnies Candle Holder is one of my favorites. Even if my Husband thinks they look like dogs. 

A Bunny Family of three! Just like we will be when our Easter Egg hatches. 

This is the Rabbit we call Roger. ;0)

I adore this Easter Egg Wreath. It was an egg-cellent purchase at a dollar.

Here's Hubby and I thanking you so very much for stopping by.

I gotta go! I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! ;0)



Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buffalo Buys At The Swap Meet

Oh, Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam. 

Buffalo Painting cost $3! I adore it! 

This is how Buffalo Beefcake and I roll at The Swap Meet  

Amber Vintage Glasses cost 2 for $1. Love the color and floral design.  

Stackable Basket cost $2. 

I plan on using it in the bathroom for storage of toiletries. 

Pumpkin Platter cost $1. 

Don't tell me you would of passed this pretty pumpkin by!

Plate/Frame Stand cost $1. 

Candles cost 2 for $1. Good deal even if they have been used. 

I'm already putting one candle to good use. 

Basket cost $1. Perfect for the Pantry. 

Blue Glass Jewelry Box cost $0.50. 

Sweet deal. 

Owl Necklace cost $1. Love the royal blue eyes. 

I purchased the Owl Necklace in the new section, where all jewelry is $1 a piece.  

Coin Purse cost $0.50. I'm not laughing at this sparkly deal. 

Glass Jug cost $0.50. It still had the original tag on the bottom. 

Plastic Closet Shoe Organizer cost $1. Awesome price!

Letter "S" for my Husband Sam cost $1.  It is already displayed nicely in the Man Cave. 

Here it is in all it's glory at The Swap Meet. I knew my "Superman" would like it. 

Fourth of July Outdoor Flag cost $0.25! It appears to have never been used. It will be great to hang outside for the month of July. 

Flower Pot cost $0.50. It also has the inside lining.

Frog Welcome Decor cost $1. I shall hang this on our gate outside. 

That's going to be it on my Swap Meet buys. A lot of random items bought for very inexpensive. Till next time! 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Handsome Hutch With Rippled Arms

Well, Hello There Handsome Hutch with Rippled Arms. You stopped me dead in my tracks on my Craigslist Stroll early this morning. 

I was actually in search of a Antique Vanity when I came across this interesting piece while perusing my Craigslist App. 

You mean to tell me you would of passed this baby by? Look at all that storage space! The possibilities are endless. 

Did I mention it has wheels? You see me rolling, they hating! Patrolling, trying to catch me riding dirty! ;0)

It had a selling price of $40. Though, due to me being a Bargain Babe. I brought it on home for $30! 

Our home is not very large and we really do not have much room for any large statement pieces. Though, what the heck! It will just make it that much cozier right? Or crowded. Either one, you decide. 

I think my Husband wishes I might have overlooked this Hunky Hutch. He thinks it crowds the dining room. Sorry Hubsters, it's here to stay! For now anyway... 

I think it will be great for buffet style gatherings. Or to display a milk glass collection. Or to store appliances not used often in the lower cabinet space. Maybe add a few matching baskets for extra table linens. There are so many options. 

I'm Happy with this Handsome Hutch with Rippled Arms.  My Hubby just needs to get used to not being the Hunkiest Hottie in the Household. Who cares if three is a crowd! ;0) 

Give Craigslist a try for used furniture. No need to spend hundreds or even thousands on certain new furniture. When buying secondhand you can easily switch things out and not feel guilty about any money lost. That way you don't feel like you have to live with a piece forever, only because you paid a lot of money for it. Till next time!