House Tour

Hello Everyone. I thought I would invite you in for a short little house tour of our Living Room and Dining Room decorated on a Budget. 

Almost all of our decor is purchased at Flea Markets and Yard Sales. Hardly any
Money is ever spent. You really would be surprised at what you can buy for $0.50 or $1.00. 

Our style is a bit rustic and eclectic. All items on this coffee table/trunk were around $1 each. 

I just love this Vintage Lamp. It cost $2 at the Flea Market. 

I've been working on simplifying things. Not sure if you can tell from this

I think this end table is Fantastic. It cost $4 at the Flea Market. The Mosaic Lantern cost $1. It looks just lovely with a candle lit.  

I'm going to have a glass of peach tea. Care for some? This Farm House Table was a Craigslist find for $100. 

These Ratan Placemats cost 4 for $2 at the Flea Market. 

Isn't that Hen Casserole Dish the cutest? It only cost $1 at the Flea Market. 

I haven't changed our Mantel much since Valentine's Day. Though, it is still the month of February. 

How adorable is Mrs. Moo Cow? It cost $1 at the Flea Market. 

The Fireplace was a $80 Craigslist Find. 

This Sunflower Mirror cost $4 at the Flea Market. 

Well, thanks for visiting. Second Hand really is a smart way to shop. It can save you lots of money. It allows to have pretty surroundings you enjoy without much money spent.

I plan on doing a full House Tour of our Flea Market finds. So feel free to come on over again and visit. I would be oh so happy to have you. :0)

To be continued...

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