Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Halloween "Hoot" Haul

There were Owls everywhere I turned today at the Swap Meet. From spooky, to scary, to cute. I definitely have a love of owls, though I need to be selective on my purchases. Mainly because we do not have that much room. And let's be honest, too much of a collection can be just "too much". 

I absolutely adore this Owl Towel Holder. I believe my mom had one of these when I was growing up. This has to be from the 60's or 70's. I think it is fantastic! Cost me $1! 

Here it is keeping an eye out at the Swap Meet today. 

Bouquet of Flowers cost $0.50. I seem to be drawn to everything orange today. Not on purpose either. 

Owl Hanging Welcome Sign cost $1! I believe it didn't sell because it had only one hanging leg attached. I just removed it. And I think it looks better without it. 

It had a RiteAid price tag still on of $24.99. Wowzers I got a good deal! 

Large Outdoor Halloween Flag cost $1! Love this! Especially, since we have a couple of black cats that live in our backyard. Their names are Shadow and Ninja and they are members of our family. 

Green Jar cost $1. It appears to be vintage. I like the screw on lid and the green color.  We will be using it as a cookie jar. 

These Owls didn't come home with me, but cost $1 each. When I look at them now, I kind of wish I would of got at least two. :0(

At the same time, I'm proud of myself for showing a bit of self control with the Owl Obsession. Because I really do want to buy every owl in sight! 

Fringe Napkins cost 4 for $1. I thought these were super cute. They still had a sale price tag of $1.19 each. 

Here they are in all their glory at the Swap Meet. 

Ceramic Pumpkins cost 2 for $1. Too cute! And in perfect shape! 

Here they are at the Swap Meet.  I know you wouldn't of passed these up either right? 

I bought Hubby a Fleece Muscle Shirt for $1. He doesn't like it much though. Geez, picky...

Plastic Cup cost $0.50. It was in like new condition. I like the swirly straw. Drinking out of this seems fun to me. As if I have a cool cup from the carnival or something. Yes, I'm weird... 

Garnier Facial Cleansers cost 2 for $1! These were brand new. The lady selling them had a huge box of just these. All for $0.50 a piece. They were just a bit dusty. These must sell for more than $3 each in stores. Good deal. 

Candy Corn Candle cost $0.50. Love it! 

Smells yummy too! 

Iron Battery Candle cost $1. It works and has a timer switch that I like. Good buy!!

Hobnail Milk Glass Vase cost $0.50! 
It cleaned up nicely too. 

Here they are at the Swap Meet. I bought them both from the same Seller. Love!

Picture Frame cost $1. It seems of good quality.  I think it is very pretty. 

I like the Velvet Backing. 

And here it is at the Swap Meet calling my name. 

Owl Mug cost $0.50. It's adorable!

The box was beat up, but the mug was in perfect shape. 

Coffee K-Cup Tray cost $4. The Seller wanted $5, but I bargained. Hubby has been eyeing this for awhile. It cost much more in stores. 

Gotta keep my Popeye satisfied! With a K-Cup Tray and so much more!  ;0)

Here is how our K-Cups were stored before. 

And here is the after with the tray I bought. I like it much better. 

Well, that's going to be it on my Halloween Hoot Loot! Till next time when the Witch is Back! ;0)



  1. So glad to see all your new posts up �� lots not great fall finds!

    Have a HAPPY week!!

  2. Thank you Lovely Sherri! Have a Wonderful week too! :0)