Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Halloween Flea Market Decor 2014

If you know me, I'm all about saving money. However, I do love to decorate. I'm going to show you that you can decorate nicely for Halloween with secondhand items. 

98% of the decor in our home was purchased at Flea Markets, Garage Sales and Craigslist. And our Halloween Decor is no different. A majority of it was purchased at Flea Markets and almost every single item was less than one dollar! Yep, you read right. Because one dollar make me hollar! ;0)

The only thing about buying secondhand, is you are going to be buying items throughout the year. So, you will need to be able to store the items. 

The above two totes had tons in them. I honestly couldn't remember all the things I had to use. 

Geez! And to think I didn't believe I had much to decorate with. 

Hey, it's going to get worse before it gets better. 

I think the Fireplace Mantel turned out spookified.  I do have a string of pumpkin lights that I might still hang along the mantel. And I might embellish the mirror with webbing. 

Trick or Treat spelled with Scrabble Tiles. Gotta use what you got. 

The Spiders on the Candles look Creepy. 

I'll get you My Pretty! And your Little Cat too! ;0)

Love this Statue. Reminds me of Hubby and I. I can't believe this only cost me $1! 
Love Never Dies! 

Cute Pumpkin. 

It's so spookified! 

Orange Gladiolus Flowers and A Ceramic Pumpkin look very festive. 

Disney Halloween Candle Votives were given to me as a gift. 

Witch from the South and Tinsel Spiders. 

I don't think my Husband is going to appreciate this Scaredy Cat sitting on his play station. It will most likely be moved. 

Gardening Pumpkin. 

Twig Pumpkin. 


Hubby and I on Halloween 2012. Devil and Geisha. 

Three Pumpkin Light. 

Pumpkin with Crazy Eyes. 

Love these two Treat Bags with Dangly Legs. These cost me no more than $1 each. They are of good quality too. 

The Witch is in! 

Halloween Countdown Calendar. 

Candle Votives with Black Cats and Owls

I'm going to use the Pumpkins as Serving Platters. 

This Witch Door Knob Hanger reminds me of a former boss of mine. I know, I'm a stinker...

That's going to be it on my Holiday Decor for now. I plan on blogging about my dining table display and possibly our outdoor decor in another post. As well as my costume for this year. 

Don't turn your nose up to secondhand items. It will allow you to decorate nicely on any budget. Till next time Ghouls and Gobblins! 


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