Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Bunny Swap Meet Haul

Hello Boppin Bunnies! It's been all work and no play for me lately, but I managed to make a short hop to the Swap Meet today. 

Here are the goods I went home with.  

Easter was on my mind. I couldn't believe these items were all still available for sale by the time I hopped on over.  Cost $0.50 each from the same seller!

Here they are in all their glory at the Swap Meet. 

And here they are festively displayed on our fireplace mantel. 

This Golden Boy Bunny cost $0.25 from a different seller. 

Mini Basket with lid cost $0.50. I really like this. 

Brown Basket cost $1. Perfect for the pantry. 

Motorcycle Frame cost $0.25. I have the perfect picture of my mother in law on a Harley to go in here. She will totally get a kick out of it. And yes, we are a family of bikers. 

San Francisco Snow Globe cost $0.50. I've already been to San Francisco three times. I just couldn't pass this up!  

Witch cost $0.50. I think she is adorable and I just love her velvet dress! 

Lipstick case cost $0.50. 

It's so darn cute! 

Cosmetic Bag cost $0.50. Love the turquoise print. 

Earrings cost $1 and Necklace cost $0.50. I purchased these from different sellers.  I didn't realize they went well together until I got home. Though, I bought the earrings for my mom.

Bath & Body Works Lotions cost $0.50 for the pink and $0.25 for the orange. Way better than the $9.50 price tag still on one of them. 

A Bag of Cookie Cutters cost $0.50. 

A pretty good selection too. 

Picture Frame cost $0.25 and Velvet shoes cost $0.50. But Leslie, I thought you didn't have any kids? We don't. Not yet! ;0)

Brown Boots cost $5. I had to have them! These Boots are Made for Walkin! 

Brown Heels cost $3! Super cute! Different Seller of the boots too. 

That's going to be it on my frugal finds! I was in and out of the Swap Meet in less than two hours. And still made time to help my mother in law move using my truck! 

Manage your time accordingly and spend wisely friends! Till next time!