Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh Baby! We are Expecting!

Hello Blogging Friends! I just wanted to share a "small" bit of news! My Husband And I Are Expecting A Baby!!! We are so very excited and beyond thrilled! 

To give you a little back story, we have been trying to have a baby since January of 2013. 

Would you believe I was so naive back then that I thought the first time we didn't use contraceptive we would get pregnant? So much so that I scheduled a doctor's appointment without even taking a home pregnancy test on my own first! I wanted them to confirm my pregnancy and they were like, "Uh sorry, you are not pregnant." And I was like, "But what about all my symptoms!" Sometimes you might want to be pregnant so much that you trick your mind and body into thinking you are! I believe this is what happened to me.  

Then we became pregnant in May 2013 and I sadly miscarried in June 2013 at only 6 weeks along. This was devestating news and I fell into a slight depression.

We continued to try to conceive with no luck. Around this time, my good friend Aimee told me if I really do want a baby, I should diligently track my ovulation days.  She told me that a few friends of hers had used the "Clearblue Fertility Monitor" and became successfully pregnant right away. 

I had never heard of this product, but she had my full attention. After-all, when you decide you want to have a baby, you want it then and there. There is no time to be wasted! 

My Husband was against me buying any type of "device" to assist us with getting pregnant at first. He is a very optimistic person and believed we could conceive on our own. Though, I explained to him that it was just a matter of me peeing on a stick to track my high ovulation days and that it wasn't invasive at all. He then decided he was fine with that and agreed that it would be an okay thing to do. 

However, who would of thought those "Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitors" were so darn expensive! They can cost in excess of $200! Not to mention the separate cost of the test strips. Though, being the bargain babe I am, I was able to score the monitor off of eBay for $75! Woot!

I had already begun using an App on my iPhone called IPeriod to track my periods and high ovulation days. Which, I really like and do recommend. 

I then bought a box of 20 "Clearblue Ovulation Tests"  to assist. I figured by using all three separate devices to assist me with tracking ovulation, I would be sure to get a positive on my next home pregnancy test taken.  

And I was right! We became pregnant in August of 2013. Though, I miscarried for the second time in September at 6 weeks. I felt heartbroken. 

I had actually found out I was pregnant on my birthday in September. It was the best gift I could of asked for. Only to have it taken from me, once again.  

Do to me having two miscarriages in such a short period of time, it prompted my doctor and gynecologist to have me tested for everything under the sun. Though, once all testing results came back, there were no real issues found. Nothing that could explain the reasons for my two early miscarriages at 6 weeks along. Hearing I had no problems was great, but at the same time very confusing. I still felt like I had no answers. 

If you have ever struggled with trying to conceive you know that it can be very consuming and draining. It could be all you think about at times, and so very disappointing when you take a pregnancy test and get a "Big Fat Negative". 

I needed a break from it all. I didn't want this to be my focus any longer.  I was really starting to think that us having a baby was just not meant to be. And that it was something I needed to accept and be okay with. 

So, I decided I would still track my ovulation once in awhile if it came to mind. One month I would, the next month I wouldn't. Though, there was something inside me that just didn't want to give up completely. After-all, my mama didn't raise no quitter!

After one year and three months of trying to have a baby we became pregnant in March 2014! We are now currently 13 weeks pregnant! We have never made it this far. And we are Extremely Excited and Full Of Joy! 

For my current pregnancy my doctor put me on 100mg Progesterone Supplements twice a day from 6 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. My doctor is not sure low progesterone levels could have been the cause of my two miscarriages at 6 weeks. Though, it is a possibility. Once you find out you are pregnant, I suggest you see a doctor right away. Do not wait until 8 weeks, like it is suggested in some areas.  

So far we have had three ultrasounds with our current pregnancy.  We have also had genetic counseling and have been tested for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18.  The Risk Assessment on those two tests came back Screen Negative. Which, was fantastic to hear. Our baby has a very strong heartbeat and is measuring perfectly! It's an amazing thing to see every time!  Oh how I look forward to my appointments! 

I am a bit of a worrier and I don't know if I will ever feel 100% secure that this pregnancy will not be taken away from me as well. But I shall remain strong and positive. And I will take extra special care of myself during this amazing time in my life. 

Thankfully, I have a Wonderful Supportive Husband that loves me and lets me know everyday that there is nothing we cannot endure or overcome together. He is my rock and my happiness. 

I am so grateful everyday for this life growing inside of me. I can't wait to meet him/her and to raise a successful, confident, respectful individual, with morals, values, sound judgement and lots of love. Just an all around fantastic person who is every bit as smart as his/her daddy.

For the women out there that may be struggling with infertility and trying to conceive.  Just know that you are definitely not alone. If I can leave you with anything by sharing my very personal story, it is to Never Lose Sight of Hope. And really try to enjoy your journey along the way. No matter what it might be.  

May We All Be Blessed With The Miracles We Wish for.  


Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Swap Meet Is My Happy Place

I'm on my way to the Happiest Place on Earth! And no, not Disneyland.  The Swap Meet! 

I forgot to wear my wedding ring on my Swap Meet trip. Uh oh. I had two different men tell me I was "So Beautiful". They both really did use those exact words too. Granted, they probably needed eyeglasses. So, the Swap Meet is not only an awesome place to find inexpensive goods. It is an awesome place to go and build your self-esteem! ;0) It's the place to be! ;0)

Here are the goodies I went home with! 

How cute is this Ceramic Peahen?!? Cost $0.50. 

I adore this Olive Glass with Grapes. Cost $1! 

Isn't this Peacock Painting amazing? This didn't come home with me though. It was priced at $40. 

Green Flower Platter cost $1. It appears to be vintage. 

Kitty Ring Holder cost $1. It's a bit tarnished, but shall clean up nicely with a bit of cleaner. 

Kitty Halloween Candy Bag cost $1! I already have a pumpkin one similar. Too cute!

Moon Night Light cost $1. Perfect for a baby room. What? I'm working on it! ;0)

Minnie Mouse Xmas Headband cost $0.50. Oh how I love Minnie! 

Martha Stewart Stencil Set cost $0.50. Not too shabby of a price. 

Flower Jewelry Dish cost $0.50. 

Perfect to hold a watch or two. 

Ceramic Owl cost $0.50. Love it! 

Frosted Joy Statue cost $0.50. I know the perfect person to give this to. 

Milk Glass Vase cost $0.50! Hot deal!

Xmas Oven Mitten cost $0.50. Still had the tag on it. 

Olive Glass Vintage Jar cost $1. Love this color. 

Pumpkin Salt & Pepper Shaker cost $1. 

They are so pretty! 

Basket Silverware Caddy cost $0.50. 

American Flag Purse cost $1. Looks like I might just be the all-American gal with the cutest purse on 4th of July! 

That's going to be it on my goodies bought on my Swap Meet trip! Till next time!