Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nautical Swap Meet Haul

On a Sunny San Diego Saturday I decided to sail to the Swap Meet for a couple of hours. (Shirt cost $1.)

One of my very good friends asked me to look for some nautical items for her on my Swap Meet trip. She is having her bathroom redone in a nautical theme. 

I found this picture for her for $1. I hope she likes it. :0)

I found this light house tooth brush holder for her for $1. (Different seller of the picture.)

Water bottle full of marbles cost $1. I'm definitely going to remove them from the water bottle and put them in a nice glass vase. 

I bought this Avon Jewelry Box for Hubby for $1. There is more storage space under the top tray. I think it is manly enough for him.  

This lovely necklace cost $1. I think it would be perfect to wear on 4th of July. 

Cloth storage holders cost 2 for $1. Organization is key. 

This glitter high heel ring display cost $1. 

The diamond picture frame cost $0.25! It would look great with a wedding picture. 

This rug was in like new condition.  Cost $2. 

This cat purse cost $1. I thought it would be purr-fect for all our kitty items. Like our kitty medicines and kitty brushes and such. :0) 

This cupcake purse cost $0.50! It was too yummy to pass up! I'm thinking of using it to store my frosting tips. 

I just adore this knitted owl picture. Cost $0.50! It might just be my favorite buy of the day!

I thought this pillow was super cute. Cost $1. 

This vintage looking purse cost $0.50. I think it is groovy baby! I'm thinking of using it to store certain toiletries. 

This measuring cup/spoon set cost $1. 

This Halloween Witch Plate cost $1! Love it! 

The Halloween Witch Plate had a Marshall's price tag of $19.99. I like my $1 buying price much better. 

This sleek bag with a star design cost $0.50. It was in like new condition. 

Cactus cost $1. I don't like the white pot much. 

The cactus is going to be repotted into a much nicer pot I already had on hand. :0)

That's going to be it on this post! Till next time my fellow Swap Meet shoppers! Sail on! 




    I'm so happy I found your blog! I have really enjoyed all of your treasures and the way you bring them all to life with your incredible tips and stories. You really have a passion for decorating and an eye for beauty!

    I know I will be checking back soon to see what you found!

  2. Awww... That is super nice! Thank you! You are my second comment ever! Yay!