Sunday, August 11, 2013

Penny Pinching Swap Meet Finds

I'm dressed all comfy and ready for my Swap Meet trip! Move it or lose it people! I got pennies to spend! ;0)

How pretty and sparkly are these necklaces? They cost $2 each. They are going to make me shine more than I already do! ;0)

Sir Francis Drake plaque cost $1. It will look great in our pirate theme (wo)man cave. It reminded me of when Hubby and I stayed at the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco. (It's a fairly nice hotel, with a very pretty lobby.)

Iron basket cost $1. It will be perfect for storage in our pantry. 

Basket cost $1. It will fit great in one of the cubbies of our kitchen island. Kitchen organization is key. 

I just love this antique looking picture frame. Cost $1. It had a Target price Tag of $9.99. My $1 buying price is much better!

Love these Decorative Pillows! Cost $2 each. They were in like new condition and go perfectly with our sofa set. 

This Oatmeal Raisin Candle cost $0.50. It was never used and came with the lid. I couldn't resist lighting it already. Now our house smells like fresh baked cookies. Yum!

Coupon Organizer cost $1. I like that it is plastic, the paper ones get damaged easily. Yes, I am all about couponing. I like to save money wherever I can! 

This Keurig was only $4! I didn't buy it. We already have a larger one.  If this one works, it is a super deal. Though, at that price, it might be a risk worth taking. 


This Rustic Pine Shelf cost $40. I didn't buy this either. Though, I got the seller's # in case she didn't sell it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE rustic pine furniture? We have so many lovely pieces. But we don't have this one! I shall think about it. To call or not to call? That is the question...

That's going to be it on this post! Not a whole lot of buys, but there is not a whole lot we need.  Till next time my fellow penny pinching visitors! 


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