Monday, August 12, 2013

This is How I Roll at the Swap Meet

Don't trip! This is how I roll on my Swap Meet outings! On a good day that is... No shame in my game!  I was getting more than a few stares from people this day. I think they were wondering, why didn't I see that! Or, that lady might have a bit of a hoarding problem. Either way, I'm still doing a happy dance!

How lovely is this Bedding? The color is actually a very pretty blue. Cost $35. The seller wanted $40, but I negotiated. This was in brand new never used condition.  Bedding is one of the things that I don't like to ever buy used, but that's just me.  I have been admiring this style of bedding all over Pintrest lately. Now it is mine, mine I tell you! 

Bouquet of Eucalptus Stems cost $2. This bouquet smells and looks great.  

Vintage Leaf Dish cost $1. I thought it was far out man! It's missing the handle in the center, but I was thinking of hot gluing a green marble there. What? Nobody will be the wiser. 

I am just smitten with this Who Bird Mirror. I have a love for owls. Cost $1. It's a bit older too.  It has a carved year of 1987 on the back. I like decorating with unique pieces not everyone has. :0)

These Iron Sconces cost 2 for $1. I really like the detail of them. They are already hanging pretty in our (wo)man cave. 

These Candles cost $1 each. A bit more than I wanted to spend, but they smelled too yummy to pass up. I look forward to lighting them. :0)

This Hen Egg Basket cost $1. My mom had a larger one when I was young. It reminds me of her. I love my mama. :0)

This Iron Plate Stand cost $1. It's already being put to good use. 

This Elastic Flower Belt cost $1. Super cute.

This Plant cost $1. I'm going to repot it so it can thrive. It appears that it wants to grow, but can't. Luckily it is now at the best home ever and I will take care of it. :0)

Chrome Glass Soap Dispenser cost $1. It had white lotion in it that was almost gone. I figure this is why it had not sold. I rinsed it out and am now using it for my dish washing soap. It looks nice on the counter too. 

Wood Sign cost $1. I thought this was just adorable. It's already sitting nicely on our bookshelf. 

This huge Dust Pan cost $1! Great size  for cleaning the yard and raking leaves. Good enough for me. And the price was definitely right! 

This Red Canna Lilly Plant cost $5!  The seller initially told me $8. And I thought that was a good deal. While I was staring at it, trying to decide if it would fit in my shopping cart or not, the seller then says "For you $5".  Wowzers! I will take it! Where there is a will, there is a way. I hauled it to my truck and I got it home. Yippie! 

I am woman hear me roar!!! Gosh I'm a good catch! No wonder my husband married me! ;0)

Till next time my fellow Good Catches! 


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