Saturday, August 17, 2013

Swap Meet Goodies

What do you think of this Wood Necklace and Bracelet? Cost $1 each. Not even the same Seller. I think they go perfectly together. I look like She-Ra in this photo. She-Ra! She-Ra! I have the power! ;0)

Necklace cost $1. Bracelet cost $1. (Different Sellers.)

Green Bead Necklace cost $1. (Same Seller as other Necklace.)

Wood Bead Belt cost $1. 

Who says three is a crowd? How adorable is this velvet green pillow? Cost $1! I just love it!

I have two others in a different material, but the same design.  Though, the green velvet one is now my favorite. The others had cost $2 each on a previous swap meet trip. 

It was a day for pillows! How lovely is this White Ruffle Pillow? Cost $1! 

I have two others that I had previously purchased brand new in the store in the same design. And let me tell you, those two didn't cost anywhere near $1!  Grrr...

This print pillow cost $1. It matches well with the style of our living room.

And in case you are wondering, all pillows are washed and cleaned thoroughly. 

Bouquet of Sunflowers cost $1. It looks much nicer in person. 

Iron Candle Holder cost $1. I like that it's large enough to hold glass candles that have labels. I don't like to show labels. I'm weird like that. 

It looks nice right? Great buy for $1 if you ask me! 

Coffee Curtains cost $2 for the pair. 

I am going to replace this dull curtain panel with the Coffee Curtains.  I think they will look too cute. :0)

I purchased this Tee-shirt for my Hubby. Cost $1. This Tee is totally my Hubby. He's definitely a Stud Muffin.  Back off ladies! He's all mine! 

Heart Ice Trays cost $0.50 for set. 

Vintage Suitcase cost $0.50. I just love this. My grandma had one similar when I was younger. It reminds me of her. I think I might use it for photos. 

These Green Totes cost $5 for the set. I'm going to use them for Xmas storage. 
(I've already cleaned them.)

That's going to be it on this post! I hoped you enjoyed my super cheap buys! Till next time! 

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