Saturday, August 24, 2013

Super Hot Swap Meet Haul

It was super hot at the Swap Meet today! So hot that the little makeup I had on melted off! And so hot that my family friend Nene and I didn't want to rummage through the goods! At least she was the smart one and wore shorts. 

These Teal Glass Plates cost $0.25 each! I purchased 6 for a total of $1.50. All had tags and had never been used. I think they are so very pretty. :0)

I thought this Basket was adorable. Cost $0.50. I think I am going to use it to store medicines we usually have out and use often. 

Crochet Pot Holders cost $1 for both. I think they are too cute. I definitely appreciate the time and effort it must have took to make them. 

Charger Plates cost $2 for all 6. I have always wanted a set.  These will be perfect for the Holidays coming up. 

Green Glasses cost $1 for both.  I love the polka dot design and that the glass is very thick. Don't be green with envy!

Glass Basket Weave Vase cost $0.50. This is one of my favorite buys of the day.  I plan on using it to hold a candle. 

Ceramic Vase cost $1. I love the turquoise and brown color of it. 

Wicker Lamp Shade cost $1. I have the perfect lamp for it too. 

Candles cost $1 for both. I think they are lovely. 

Iron Hot Plate Holder cost $1. 

Ceramic Bird Candle Holders were free! Free I tell you! I bought a few clothes from a lady who gave me these. Which, I thought was super nice of her. :0)

Xmas Wilton Cookie Sheet cost $0.50. It was new in the plastic and had a $7.99 sticker price. My $0.50 purchase price is much better. 

Wilton Cupcake Baking Cups cost $0.25. They were new in the package. Different Seller of the Cookie Sheet too. 

Hello Kitty Pail cost $0.25. I am going to use it to store my frosting food colorings. 

It goes great with another Hello Kitty Pail I already have and am currently using to store my frosting tips. 

Tape Dispenser cost $1. I already have another that I am using on our desk. Though, this one is going to be kept with our gift wrapping items. 

Candles cost $0.50 each. I just love candles and burn them daily. 

Teal Basket cost $0.50. I am going to use it to organize my hair products in the hallway closet. 

Lovely Clutch Purse cost $0.25! What a deal! 

Sequin Purse cost $1. I thought it was too sparkly to pass up!

Large Print Purse cost $1. I am going to use it to store my tights and nylons. It had a Target tag on it. 

I also bought a Tin Trash can for $1 and a broom for $1. Both are going to be used in the garage. I thought the trash can was a great buy at that price. 

I just adore Nene! She is sweet as pie!

Here is a pic of Nene's buys. Two Pink Flower Blouses cost $3 each, Black/White Blouse cost $1, Beige Flower Blouse Cost $0.50, Cow Purse cost $1 and Mirror cost $0.25! Looks like she made out like a bandit! 

That's going to be it on this Hot Swap Meet Haul! Till next time! Stay cool my fellow hot visitors! 


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