Friday, January 31, 2014

Love At First Sight! A $4 Vintage Octagon End Table

It was a gamble at the Swap Meet with not many goodies in sight. I was a bit disappointed this day.  I had covered almost all Swap Meet ground and didn't have a thing in my shopping cart! You win some and you lose some right?

THEN, I spotted this Rustic Vintage Beauty. I'm not sure how though. It had a huge microwave sitting on top of it!

I wish I had taken a picture or two of it there. 

I asked the seller if I could see it without the microwave on top. He removed it and I absolutely loved it! 

He quoted me a price of $6. I thought that was pretty darn reasonable. I kept staring at it and was contemplating if I would be able to roll it to my truck on my shopping cart. I still had two more isles of Swap Meet goods/junk that I had yet to explore as well. 

Then the Seller says, "How about $5?" And I kept looking at it. Knowing I really want this, but thinking how am I going to get it to my truck! Then the Seller says, "Okay $4." I then said, "Yes! I will take it!"

I'm not sure if I had my poker face on or what, but I played my cards right and got a $4 Rustic Vintage End Table!

If your going to play the game boy, you got to learn to play it right! 

You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run! 
-Kenny Rogers

I managed to get it home fairly well too. I'm an Ace after all. ;0) Till next time! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

For The Love of 99 Cent Only Stores

Do you ever shop at The 99 Cent Only Stores? I love this place. It is only a 5 minute drive from my house too. I like to check in every once in awhile to see what they have in stock. 

Don't you just hate going to a 99 cent store that has items that cost more than 99 cents? That's false advertising if you ask me! However, at The 99 Cent Only Stores everything truly is only 99 cents. And I like that! 

I went recently and they are all decked out in Love of Valentines Day! 

Here are the goods I went home with. 

How adorable are these Mason Jar Mugs? They come with the straws and lids. I saw some similar at Walmart for more than $4 a piece. I bought these for Hubby and I. Not too bad for 99 cents each. 

I also went home with two boxes of Pillsbury Valentine Cookies. Sweet deal! 

My Cell Phone Case broke recently and I went home with these two. I'm using the red polka dot one for the month of February of course! Who knew you could buy cell phone cases for 99 cents! 

I also went home with this Betty Crocker Tub of S'mores Frosting. Yum!

A few more of my buys were a 5lb bag of potatoes, a bag of rice, aluminum foil, ziplock sandwich bags and blue toilet bowl tabs. 

Just keeping it real. :0)

Here are some more of the pretty in pink and pretty in red decorations they carry. 

I totally Heart these Tinsel Hearts.  I already have one similar. 

I think the Heart Table Cloths are just lovely. 

Rolls of Valentine Ribbon are oh so pretty! They are 3 yards each. 

Heart Chainlink Garland is full of bling. 

Inflatable Lips are Hot Stuff!

The selection of Vases are so vintage looking!

How awesome are these Sticker Boxes? Only 99 cents for that whole pack! 

That's going to be it on my visit! And no, I was not compensated by 99 Cent Only Stores. It's just an inexpensive place where I like to shop and save! And I thought you might too! :0)


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crafty Chalkboard Canister Labels

I have been wanting to jump on the Clever and Crafty Bandwagon with labeling our Canisters and Baskets in the Pantry. A Silhouette Machine is definitely on my wish list. However, those suckers are expensive! 

Until my wish comes true. I decided to improvise with no money spent! 

I came across this Pin when scrolling through PINTREST. 

Say what?!? Free Printable Chalkboard Labels? You got my attention. 

These are free templates that you can print on sheets of label paper. Some are already preprinted with the Yummies. You can choose from black or green. 

I like these circle shaped ones too. 

This is the website you can print these from.  I must say this Website is Pretty Darn Fantastic! The labels on there are endless!

However, since I didn't have any sheets of label paper on hand. I decided to work with what I had. That's how I work it girl! ;0)

I printed the labels on regular 8x10 paper.   They look pretty nice right? I was pleased. :0)

Dare I say I want to glue the labels to my Canisters? Damn right. Not only am I going to say it! I'm going to do it! Don't be all judgemental either.  They can be removed with soap and water. At least, I hope so. ;0) ( I ended up using the glue stick.)

Just cut and paste. 

Can't get anymore Elementary School than that. 

How cute!


They look like Chalkboard Labels to me! 

I also decided to put labels on a few baskets. 

I glued thick craft paper to the back of each label, I hole punched a hole, inserted twine through and tied a knot. 

Super easy to do. If I can do it, you can!

This all took less than an hour. From start to finish. 

I have a sudden urge to have a cup of tea and bake something.  

I hope I inspired you some to improvise with what you have on hand. Let's think outside the box! Till next time!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Raggedy & Rustic Valentine Mantel

I'm in the mood for Love. What about you? 

I've actually never decorated our Mantel for the month of February. I was so excited to do so this year, that I got an early start! It is still January after all. 

And just like my Husband, it's a little rustic and rough around the edges! I wouldn't want it any other way! 

No new items were purchased. I just worked with what I already had on hand. I love to create without spending a dime.

I have never been a fan of heart decor for some reason. I really didn't have a whole lot of lovey dovey decorations to choose from when working on my mantel. That's all about to change.  I shall play Cupid and be in search of love decor on my future Swap Meet outings.

Though, I think it turned out pretty nice with the vintage and rustic decor we had on hand.  I think Raggedy Ann and Andy would approve. 

Till next time Lovey Doveys! Have a peppermint on your way out! ;0)

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Lovely Valentine's Day Tree

Who says you have to put away the tree after Christmas? Why not make a Valentine's Day Tree! I've have been admiring all the Valentine's Day Trees on PINTREST lately. All those crafty do it yourselfers linked on there are oh so clever with their Valentine's Day Trees. 

So, I decided to make my own. With no money spent either! All items I already had on hand. I'm always proud of myself when I don't spend money on something new I make or improve. It just makes it that much cooler. 

The Mini Tree I had from my Xmas stash. Along with the last two candy canes left over from Xmas 2013. Isn't it cute how I positioned them to be shaped like a heart? 

The Love Ribbon I purchased at the Swap Meet awhile back. It didn't cost more than 1 dollar either. The Heart Tin Base I had outside with a plant in it.  I like its new purpose much better. 

As for the Heart Ornaments. The hearts were from a chime I had outside that broke a long time ago. Like 5 years ago to be exact. I thought they were too cute to throw away. Though, I never used them for anything. I actually had them stored with my baking items. Ask me why, I have no idea. 

All I did was use some twine to make as a hook. 

And that's all My Lovelies! 


Do you have a Valentine's Day Tree? Or plan on making one? I would love to see it! Xoxo.