Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crafty Chalkboard Canister Labels

I have been wanting to jump on the Clever and Crafty Bandwagon with labeling our Canisters and Baskets in the Pantry. A Silhouette Machine is definitely on my wish list. However, those suckers are expensive! 

Until my wish comes true. I decided to improvise with no money spent! 

I came across this Pin when scrolling through PINTREST. 

Say what?!? Free Printable Chalkboard Labels? You got my attention. 

These are free templates that you can print on sheets of label paper. Some are already preprinted with the Yummies. You can choose from black or green. 

I like these circle shaped ones too. 

This is the website you can print these from.  I must say this Website is Pretty Darn Fantastic! The labels on there are endless!

However, since I didn't have any sheets of label paper on hand. I decided to work with what I had. That's how I work it girl! ;0)

I printed the labels on regular 8x10 paper.   They look pretty nice right? I was pleased. :0)

Dare I say I want to glue the labels to my Canisters? Damn right. Not only am I going to say it! I'm going to do it! Don't be all judgemental either.  They can be removed with soap and water. At least, I hope so. ;0) ( I ended up using the glue stick.)

Just cut and paste. 

Can't get anymore Elementary School than that. 

How cute!


They look like Chalkboard Labels to me! 

I also decided to put labels on a few baskets. 

I glued thick craft paper to the back of each label, I hole punched a hole, inserted twine through and tied a knot. 

Super easy to do. If I can do it, you can!

This all took less than an hour. From start to finish. 

I have a sudden urge to have a cup of tea and bake something.  

I hope I inspired you some to improvise with what you have on hand. Let's think outside the box! Till next time!


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