Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buffalo Buys At The Swap Meet

Oh, Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam. 

Buffalo Painting cost $3! I adore it! 

This is how Buffalo Beefcake and I roll at The Swap Meet  

Amber Vintage Glasses cost 2 for $1. Love the color and floral design.  

Stackable Basket cost $2. 

I plan on using it in the bathroom for storage of toiletries. 

Pumpkin Platter cost $1. 

Don't tell me you would of passed this pretty pumpkin by!

Plate/Frame Stand cost $1. 

Candles cost 2 for $1. Good deal even if they have been used. 

I'm already putting one candle to good use. 

Basket cost $1. Perfect for the Pantry. 

Blue Glass Jewelry Box cost $0.50. 

Sweet deal. 

Owl Necklace cost $1. Love the royal blue eyes. 

I purchased the Owl Necklace in the new section, where all jewelry is $1 a piece.  

Coin Purse cost $0.50. I'm not laughing at this sparkly deal. 

Glass Jug cost $0.50. It still had the original tag on the bottom. 

Plastic Closet Shoe Organizer cost $1. Awesome price!

Letter "S" for my Husband Sam cost $1.  It is already displayed nicely in the Man Cave. 

Here it is in all it's glory at The Swap Meet. I knew my "Superman" would like it. 

Fourth of July Outdoor Flag cost $0.25! It appears to have never been used. It will be great to hang outside for the month of July. 

Flower Pot cost $0.50. It also has the inside lining.

Frog Welcome Decor cost $1. I shall hang this on our gate outside. 

That's going to be it on my Swap Meet buys. A lot of random items bought for very inexpensive. Till next time! 



  1. Yep, you did it again...gteat bargains! More baskets too ;-) I love candles as well. That garden flag is a super find!

    Have a super BLESSED week...

  2. Thanks Sherri! My fellow Bargain Babe! :0)