Sunday, December 29, 2013

Say Hello to Some "Good Buys"

I found a few good buys at the Swap Meet today. As always, they didn't cost me very much either. 

Bead Candle Holders cost 2 for $1. 

So Sparkly! 

Vintage Glass Tray cost $1. I thought it would be great for my perfumes. 

Yep, I was right. 

Rose Picture Frame cost $1 (even though it was marked differently). It will be picture perfect for a wedding photo. 

Pumpkin Lights cost $1. They work too!

Scaredy Cat Candle Holder cost $0.50. Meow!

Red Wreath cost $1! This will be lovely for Valentine's Day. I might embellish it with hearts. 

Jar cost $1. I am thinking of using it for brown sugar. 

Waste Basket cost $1. Good deal. 

Vintage Crystal Vase cost $0.17! That's no typo! I was confused too! I sure paid quickly. 

Letter "L" cost $1.50. I really liked it, even though it was a bit dirty. It just needed a bit of soap and water. 

And "L" is for Leslie of course! That's my name, don't wear it out! 

Large Cookie Jar cost $1. I thought this was fantastic! I still wanted it even if it had a small chip. 

I'm going to use it for my Baking Utensils. Super cute right?!?! And I covered the chip using a brown marker. Ssshh... It will be our little secret. ;0)

Shelf Lining Roll cost $1.50. 

I layed it as drawer lining for our pots and pans drawer. I used a staple gun to keep it in place. 

That's going to be it on my good buys at the Swap Meet today. I try to only buy things I have an immediate use for. Hardly any money was spent too! Second hand is a smart way to shop! 


Friday, December 27, 2013

"Christmas Card" Memory Books

Hello Eveyone! I hope you all enjoyed a Very Merry Christmas and shared it with the ones you love! I know I sure did! 

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Santa's Favorite Reindeer! Dancer and Vixen! I am Vixen of course, with no explanation needed. My Husband is Dancer, because this white boy has moves you've never seen! 

Okay, now in all seriousness, I'm going to admit something. We are all friends here right? Friends that are not judgemental? Well, the fact of the matter is, I hoard Christmas Cards!!!

I truly love getting Christmas Cards in the mail. It is such a fun treat to receive such a thoughtful gift. I do consider them gifts too. It is The Gift of the lovely card, a sweet message, an adorable photo, your time, your energy, and I know those darn little stamps are not that cheap! 

Every year I seem to receive a few less in the mail. (And not because I am less likable, at least I don't think so.) Though, I do seem to receive a lot more Christmas emails, Christmas online notifications and Christmas text messages. Which, I do like and are very nice.  However, they are just not the same. In this fast paced techy world, mailed Christmas Cards might just one day be obsolete!  

I just can't bring myself to part with these thoughtful treasures that might be a bit of history one day. Only a story that you will be telling your great grand kids about. Of how in the olden days, people used to send Christmas Cards in the mail. So, I want to have proof! And if I am going to hoard Christmas Cards, I'm going to do it in an organized fashion. Because that's how I roll people! 

Here are a few Awesome Ideas from PINTREST. 

All that is needed is a Ring Fastener and a Hole Puncher. 

I like the idea of having them out as Christmas Decoration for the following year. Hung on a door handle, hook or cabinet knob. 

Having them in a three ring binder is cool too. 

You can make a cover and embellish it any way you like. 

If you don't have ring fasteners, use ribbon. 

I adore this one with twine used. Maybe you could even use yarn. 

Improvise with what you have on hand. No need to spend money on making them. Maybe you can use a cut Christmas Box as the front and back cover. Maybe decorate it with wrapping paper that was to be thrown out. Or use recycled ribbon as the fasteners. The possibilities are endless. 

(My Grandma and Mom. And Me in my Mom's Belly.) 

Keep a bit of Friend and Family History with your Special Christmas Cards received.  I have a few from my Grandmother who has since passed that I absolutely cherish. I just love to reminisce and look back at them all. 


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Successful Swap Meet Selling

(A Young Santa Claus Before Retirement And Weight Gain)

It was a day of fun selling at the Swap Meet! It was a family affair too! At one point I had my husband, mom, dad, sister and niece all there with me. It was loads of fun! As well as loads of junk! 

(My Sweetheart Niece)

You would think going to sell at the Swap Meet would be a bit of an ordeal, but it sure isn't! Hubby and I packed our truck the evening before. We made sure to bring a small ice chest with drinks and snacks, as well as chairs for us to sit on. You got to be prepared and comfortable! 

(Santa Claus Sometimes Outsources With Deliveries) 

My mom and dad also sold, they arrived at our house with their loaded truck at 6:15 am and followed us a short drive to the Swap Meet. Once there, we got in line and the Swap Meet starts to let all selling vehicles in at 7:00 am. 

It cost $11 per stall and I like to buy two, just so the truck fits easily and our items can be spread out for easy view.  So, $22 to sell. Not too bad, but it used to be much cheaper. Though, isn't everything once upon a time? Sadly, that answer is yes. 

We made way more money than expected too! More than $100! Which, is pretty darn good considering I was selling everything for $1.00 or $0.50. We were really interested in just seeing it all go. And making that much money was a total bonus! 

Now, if you know me, there is no way I can be at the Swap Meet and not take a look around at the goods. I left "Santa Husband" in charge of selling and went to browse with my purse full of recently earned dollars! And the circle continues... 

Here are the goods I went home with. 

Colorful Rug cost $8. This was rolled up in brand new never used condition. I plan on putting it in front of our blue washer and dryer. Love those vibrant colors! Maybe it might make doing laundry a bit more cheerful. :0)

Snow Flake Tree Topper cost $1. It is perfect for our Mini Xmas Tree outside.  

Snow Man Tree Toppers cost 2 for $1! Perfect for our other two Mini Xmas Trees outside. 

They add that extra completed touch. Maybe next year I will wrap strands of colorful beads around the trees.  

Snow Man Mug Statues cost $0.25 each! Too cute and an awesome deal! I plan on using them to hold candy canes. 

Heart Picture Holder cost $1. I have been wanting one of these.  I actually plan on using it to display special cards that are given to me by my Husband, Family, and Friends. 

Cute right? And yes, my Hubby does love me. :0)

And why wouldn't he? I am Amazing! Worlds Best Wifey right here! ;0)

Colorful Xmas Bead Garland cost $1. I couldn't wait to display it in the kitchen window!

Antique Santa Pipe cost $0.25! I thought it would be super cute as Xmas Decoration. 

After I purchased the Santa looking one, the seller said I could have the Pirate looking one for FREE! Merry Christmas to me! It will go well as decoration in our pirate theme (wo)man cave. 

Fancy Xmas Ribbon cost $1 each for the large rolls and $0.50 each for the small rolls. 

Large Blue Baking Bowl With Lid cost $2. 

I already have a pink one with a similar design. Now they look like a set! 

Egg Beater cost $0.50. I adore the turquoise color. 

Basket cost $1. Cute baskets to keep us organized are great!

Gobble Till Ya Wobble Turkey cost $1. Too cute to pass up!

Scarecrow Decoration cost $0.50. 

(My Sweetheart Niece)

It was a successful trip at the Swap Meet with loads of fun and junk! Why not make some extra cash off your unwanted items? It's really not as hard as you might think! You might even enjoy it! Hey, and while you are at it, make it a family affair! After all, that's what it is all about! Till next time! 

Oh, and the items we didn't sell went to the Donation Center. Another Tax Deduction for 2013! Right on time too!