Sunday, December 29, 2013

Say Hello to Some "Good Buys"

I found a few good buys at the Swap Meet today. As always, they didn't cost me very much either. 

Bead Candle Holders cost 2 for $1. 

So Sparkly! 

Vintage Glass Tray cost $1. I thought it would be great for my perfumes. 

Yep, I was right. 

Rose Picture Frame cost $1 (even though it was marked differently). It will be picture perfect for a wedding photo. 

Pumpkin Lights cost $1. They work too!

Scaredy Cat Candle Holder cost $0.50. Meow!

Red Wreath cost $1! This will be lovely for Valentine's Day. I might embellish it with hearts. 

Jar cost $1. I am thinking of using it for brown sugar. 

Waste Basket cost $1. Good deal. 

Vintage Crystal Vase cost $0.17! That's no typo! I was confused too! I sure paid quickly. 

Letter "L" cost $1.50. I really liked it, even though it was a bit dirty. It just needed a bit of soap and water. 

And "L" is for Leslie of course! That's my name, don't wear it out! 

Large Cookie Jar cost $1. I thought this was fantastic! I still wanted it even if it had a small chip. 

I'm going to use it for my Baking Utensils. Super cute right?!?! And I covered the chip using a brown marker. Ssshh... It will be our little secret. ;0)

Shelf Lining Roll cost $1.50. 

I layed it as drawer lining for our pots and pans drawer. I used a staple gun to keep it in place. 

That's going to be it on my good buys at the Swap Meet today. I try to only buy things I have an immediate use for. Hardly any money was spent too! Second hand is a smart way to shop! 


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