Thursday, January 2, 2014

Farewell Holiday Decorations! Till we meet again!

Happy New Year 2014! May it be a great year for you and yours! With all that you could ever wish for! 

(Hubby thought the world was going to end at the stroke of midnight) ;0)

This past year has been a very memorable one that I will never forget. There was a lot that happened.  Some was fantastic, some great, some good, some bad and some very sad. But that's life isn't it? 

I'm just thankful that I have such a Wonderful Husband by my side through this journey we call life. He is my Happiness and my Hero. 

Okay, now for the subject at hand. Holiday decor!

Am I the only one that keeps their Christmas Tree and Decorations up until New Years? It's just so hard for me to pack all the festive prettiness away. Or one might even say it's procrastination. Either one, you decide.

It feels like a huge task that I just don't want to take on. 

Though, it needs to be done and I try to do it in an organized fashion. 

These are the unbreakable balls. Unlike the ones my husband says I bust all the time. ;0) Not the best way to store these, but good enough for now. 

After removing the holiday decorations, I feel the house is oh so bare. Do you as well? However, now is a great time to do some New Years cleaning.

Work, it never ends does it? 

Maybe my Tabitha Marie Kitty or my Charlie Angel Kitty can assist. It's about time they start earning their keep around here. 

Gotta keep this post short and sweet. This "Princess" has work to do! Time to kick off my glass slippers! Till next time! With not a holiday decoration in sight! Happy New Year 2014!


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