Monday, January 6, 2014

A Hop, Skip and A Jump To The Swap Meet

It was a quick hop, skip and a jump to the Swap Meet over the weekend. On my Merry little outing I purchased some really inexpensive buys. 

Large Glass Canister cost $3! Polka Dot Mini Mug cost $0.25! I plan on using the canister for flour and the mug as the scooper. Can't get any cuter than that! 

Large Basket with Cloth Lining cost $1! Wowzers! That was an Awesome Deal! 

Blind cost $1.50. This will be great for our back door. Would you believe I was hoping to find one? True story. 

Velvet Lamp Shade was FREE! Only because it was a little bent. Which, is nothing I can't fix. I have the perfect lamp for it too.  

Fall Wreath cost $1. Love it. The guy who sold it to me was super nice too.  

Clutch Purse cost $1. I have always found these interesting. And I just couldn't pass this one up with my initial "L". 

It's so pretty and pink!

Iron Jewelry Display cost $1. I'm already using it too. 

Vintage Glass cost $0.50 each. I'm already using the dish for my watch. 

Shiny Valentine Heart cost $1. It will be Lovely as decor for the month of February. 

Reindeer cost $0.50. I think he is adorable. 

Santa Advent Calendar cost $0.50! I have been wanting an Xmas Advent Calandar. Score! 

That's going to be it on my buys for the day. I think I did pretty well. Don't turn your nose up to secondhand. It can really save you lots of money! 


  1. I am brand new to your blog. I love all your posts about the goodies you find and what you are doing with them :) great find this post as well.

    Have a blessed week,

  2. Awww... Thank you so much Sherri! Hardly anyone ever leaves me comments. It's truly appreciated and I'm so happy to have you! :0)

  3. Thank you! I try to leave coments on the blogs I follow. I truly appreciate your taking time and blogging and sharing your life, ideas and goodies. I like to nlet you know you and your blog are appreciated :•)


  4. Awww... So very sweet! You made my day!