Thursday, January 9, 2014

Craigslist Card Table Hanging Lamp

My Hubbylicious has been having his friends over on a weekly basis to play cards in our (wo)man cave. Though, the lighting in there is not too great. 

Did you say you want a new light fixture Hubsters? Your wish is my command! I crossed my arms, wiggled my nose, nodded my head, went on Craigslist and poof! I found a lamp! 

This righteous 1980's Tiffany Style Lamp was being sold for $25.  Like totally man!  

Something cool and unique is what I had in mind. And this old fashion beauty was all of that and then some! 

If you know me, I never pay asking price. I brought it on home for $20! Yah baby! 

Hopefully, Hubby and The Geek Squad will see the light! ;0)

Till next time my fellow Aces! Don't underestimate the magic of Craigslist!


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