Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Pretty Darn Near Perfect Pantry

Our Pantry has been in the works for over 3 months. Unfortunately, we had hired a Contractor from Hell. One who initially said the project would take 3 days. And 3 months later, it still was not done. After the New Year, we decided enough was enough. We hired someone else to finish the job and low and behold they were done in 3 days!

I applied an extra coat of paint. Thank you, thank you very much!

It's not perfect, due to us not having the same contractor from start to finish. However, it's been a long time coming and we are super happy with it. I actually wish it would have been done years ago.

This is what we have been using as a pantry for a few years now. It has been very nice to have, but it wasn't great. Would you believe we bought two of these vintage cabinets off of Craigslist for only $5 a piece? True story.  Hot dog that was a hot deal! 

Not very organized is it? I did try organizing somewhat with iron baskets. 

When trying to find something, a lot of shuffling was involved. 

Looking at this doesn't make eating at home seem very appealing. Take out anyone?

This is where we had kept our spices and baking items. 

Yowzers! I feel lost. 

Our Corner Lazy Susan is where we had kept pasta and rice. Yikes!

It's going to get worse, before it gets better. Don't be all judgemental with our food choices either. That's not the subject at hand! ;0)

Everything got a wipe down before the move. Hubby even assisted me with putting the food in the New Pantry. I know right? I was shocked too! 

I have been buying storage baskets on my Swap Meet outings with the New Pantry in mind. I'm so glad I did, because now we don't need any.  None of our storage baskets cost more than $1. 

We decided this wall would be the baking area. 

Trying to get a feel for where things will go. 

Holy smokes! Would you believe no new food items were bought? All of this was in our former pantry areas! And to think I thought we were still going to have tons of room. 

And this is how it all looks now. 

It's amazing how much more spacious our home feels. It actually feels like a new house. 

I just hope hubby and I don't gain any weight with such a good view of all the Yummies on hand. 

Though, I think we might just make healthier food choices. 

(P.S. Happy 3 Year Wedding Anniversary to us 1/11/11!)

The Pantry is not perfectly perfect, but what in life is? It's good enough! Don't forget to "stop and smell the roses"! 

Till next time my Pretty Darn Near Perfect Pals! 



  1. I know all about not having much pantry room. I really like your new pantry. I am sure you will enjoy it!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hope your week is blessed,

  2. It is so much better. Thanks so much Sherri! :0)