Saturday, February 6, 2016

A $3.00 Flea Market Diaper Bag

A "Skip Hop Chelsea Chic Diaper Bag" cost $3.00! 

It doesn't appear to have ever been used with parts still wrapped in plastic. This was my best Flea Market Find of the day! 

I located it on for 100.99! Wowzers! I scored for sure at $3.00!

Here are the rest of the goods that made it home with me on this day. 

Giraffe Stuffed Animal cost $0.50. It reminds me of the Sophie Teether. We shall name it Sophie as well. 

Looks like Sophie is going to have to grow on Scarlett Rose. She looks unimpressed. 

"Lands' End Lunch Bag" cost $1. It might be awhile until Scarlett can use this. Though, it was in like new condition and too pretty to pass up. 

Rudolph Stuffed Animal cost $0.50.

Girls Denim Shorts cost $0.50. These were in new condition. 

Girls Butterfly Romper cost $0.50. I can't wait to see Scarlett in this. 

Girls Jacket cost $0.50. Love the print and colors. Super good price! 

Girls Denim Shoes cost $0.50. They need a good wash, but are so adorable. 

Hippo learning toy was $1.00. This works and is in excellent condition. What a steal! This is how Scarlett Rose will "learn" to save like Mommy. ;0)

Pink Bunny cost $0.50. This shall be part of Scarlett's Easter Basket. 

Stud Earring Set cost $1.00. I think they are simple and pretty. 

Garnier Hair Products cost $1.00 each. I don't mind buying products second hand. That way I don't pay full price on a product I might not like. 

Nail Polish and Lip Liner cost 3 for $0.25.

Navy Blue Storage Bin cost $1.00. I might use it for Scarlett's Books. 

Green Planter cost $0.50. I shall put a succulent in it. 

Large Bulb Christmas Lights cost a total of $4.00 for two bags of strand lights and two boxes of replacement bulbs. I might not have gotten these if my mom wasn't with me suggesting I should. Though, so glad she did!

Tear Drop Milk Glass cost $0.50! I have admired this style and was so excited to fine one at this price!

Milk Glass Bud Vase cost $0.50. These types of vases look amazing as Candlestick holders. That's my plan for it. And I already have another that matches!

Milk Glass Scalloped Edge Vase cost $1.00! Great addition to my collection!

Spanish Style hand blown green rim Glass cost $0.50. This will be great for Smoothies or Milkshakes. These are my favorite type of drinking glasses. They are very sturdy and don't break easily. I have a collection with blue rim and a few with green rim. 

Vintage Olive Glass Hen cost $2.00. I have wanted one of these for awhile. Ever since I passed one up for $2.00 on a previous Flea Market trip.

 It's finally mine and I adore it!

Looks like Scarlett Rose and Daddy were doing just fine while Mommy was out and about on her Flea Market stroll (actual pic texted to me on my trip, I didn't choose the bib either). 

This is my Haul when I got home. What? Don't judge. Everything has now been washed and put away. It was a successful outing with not much money spent. 

And that's going to be all folks! Until next time! 


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oh Baby! A Star is Born!

Happy 2016 Frugal Friends! I want to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year 2016! 

I know I had been out of commission on my Frugal Shopping Sprees for a majority of 2015. 

It was due to this Baby Bundle of Joy baking in my oven! Oh My Gosh! We had a Baby! 


Christmas came early for us in 2015! We were blessed with our Darling Daughter (Scarlett Rose) on December 11th 2015. She was born at 39 weeks pregnant and weighed 8 lbs 7oz and was 19 inches long. We truly feel Blessed and are so very Grateful for this little darling. 

To tell you a little history, we have been trying for a baby since January 2013. We have suffered two early miscarriages in 2013, both at 6 weeks pregnant. We also suffered a preterm birth in 2014 at 19 weeks 1 day pregnant. Savannah Marie was born alive and lived for over two hours, though she was not developed enough to live any longer. 

I think of our Angel Babies everyday. I know the heartache of losing a baby and the extreme sadness of not knowing if you will ever be able to have a baby or carry one full term. It's a pain and silent suffering I wouldn't wish upon any one. 

The only thing I can say is, Don't Give Up. Find yourself a good Doctor and explore all possible avenues. 

I do want to share that I suffer from low Progesterone. My body does not make enough to sustain a pregnancy on its own. Once I find out I am pregnant, I am to immediately start taking 200mg of Progesterone Supplements daily. It is doctor prescribed and I am to continue taking it until 36 weeks pregnant. 

I believe this is what helped me carry our baby girl to full term. My doctor is a big believer in the benefits of progesterone supplementation.  Though, not all doctors are. I am so thankful for my doctor taking a chance with this medicine. Otherwise, I may have never carried our sweet girl to term. 

I only share my very personal history to possibly help someone else who might suffer from the same as I do. It is definitely something to look into and ask your doctor about. And the possible outcome is oh so worth it! 

Lots of Love, 
The Frys
(Sam, Leslie & Scarlett Rose) 

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Halloween Tree with Flea Market Finds

It was a super hot day here in San Diego, CA. Though, I didn't let that stop me from getting my stroll on at the Sports Arena Flea Market on an early Friday morning.

Here is my Halloween Tree decorated with Flea Market Finds and 99 Cent Store items. Is there any other way for a frugal girl to decorate? Not in this Household!

Here are the goods that made it home with me on my Flea Market Trip. 

Hanging Velvet Bats were 3 for $1.00. I had them in mind for my Halloween Tree. 

Halloween Duck Tape I got with one other item at 3 for $1.00. 

Boo Hanging Sign I got with 2 other items at 3 for $1.00. 

Eek Hanging Sign I got with two other items at 3 for $1.00. 

Would you believe the Eek and Boo Hanging Signs had original tags of $19.99 each? Geez! I would of never bought them at that price. The Hanging Bats originally cost $2.50 a piece. That's still more than I would ever pay. What? I'm cheap like that! :0)

Sequin Pumpkin cost $1.00. It's so pretty! I plan on having it sit out for Thanksgiving. 

Velvet Animal Print Pumpkins cost 3 for $1.00 with one other item. They are not really my style, but they were too cute to pass up. And the price was definitely right. 

Then again, one does match this family picture that has been passed down to me. 

And the other somewhat matches this Zebra Print that I have and adore. So, maybe those Velvet Pumpkins are my style after all. ;0)

Bead Necklace cost $0.50. I really like it. 

Bead Earrings cost $0.50. Love these type of Indian Style Earrings. 

Burgundy Bead Earrings cost $0.50. All jewelry was purchased by the same Seller.

Sweater Clip cost $0.50. I don't have one of these and thought it would be a sweet addition to my wardrobe. Let's see if I ever wear it. ;0)

Water Bottle Cooler cost $0.50. I hope it works!

Corduroy Jean Jumper cost $1.00. To adorable to pass up! 

Rainbow Tutu cost $1.00. The bows along the waist band really make it. 

Well, that's going to be it on my Flea Market Haul! Not a whole bunch purchased, but there is not a whole bunch we need. Thank you for stopping by Ghouls and Gobblins! Till next time!