Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Spider Web of Love Fireplace

Do you happen to have a non wood burning fireplace? We do. Ours is the type that you insert flame canisters that are to be lit. We have yet to buy them though and they are a bit pricey. 

Then I had a Bright Idea.  A Halloween Spider Web Of Lights! With no money spent, since we already had them on hand.  

We were using candles once in awhile, but I only liked to burn them when I was near and keeping an eye out. 

I think the lights are a much better solution! 

It's so Romantic at night with the orange glow! Or Spooky with the Halloween Web of Lights! You decide. 

Ooh baby!  You Light My Fireplace! 

Till next time! My Eight Legged Followers! ;0)



  1. Genious! What a great idea. And, free to boot - Win~Win!

    Have a BLESSED WEEK,

  2. Thanks so much Sherri! You light up my day! :0)