Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Outrageous Owl Obsession

I have an obsession with Who Birds! Correctly known as Owls. It might have all started with me watching the movie "Legend of The Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole".

From then on, it was love. 

Here is the collection I have been accumulating on my Swap Meet outings. None of these cost me very much money at all. 

This super large Owl Picture was giving to me by my Mother In Law for Christmas 2013. I've never seen anything like it and I absolutely adore it. 

This Owl is a Vintage Avon Perfume that cost me $1. I only plan on using it as a display. 

This fairly large Owl Picture is one of my favorites. It only cost me $1! 

How cute is this little guy? 

This Gold Owl is part of a wall collage I created. 

I believe it is actually a Soap Dish. 

Owl Earrings cost $1. I have yet to wear these. I actually think I might use them to embellish something. I'm not sure what yet. 

Owl Coffee Table Book cost $1. Such a great find!

Owl Necklace. Love it. 

Owl Night Light. This cute little guy resides in the kitchen. 

Owl Mirror cost $1. It's Vintage too. 

How awesome is this long Poster of an Owl in a Tree? Cost me $1.50. 

Owl Lamp cost $5 on a Swap Meet outing. It used to be black and I spray painted it turquoise. 

Family of Owls cost me 4 for $1! 

This Copper Owl Picture I really like. Cost me $1.50! 

This Owl Necklace I wear fairly often. It's too cute. 

This Ceramic Owl is interesting. I've actually seen a few others at the Swap Meet in different States. Next time, I might buy another and just spray paint it. 

Mini Metal Owl Statue was given to me by my Mother In Law. :0)

Crochet Owl Picture only cost me $1. It's so unique. 

Owl Plates cost 2 for $1! Using plates I adore makes me happy. 

I have these two in the bathroom. All eyes on you when using the toilet! ;0)

Do you have a collection that you just can't get enough of? I can't be the only one. Love me some Who Birds! Till next time my Frugal Flock!


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