Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Would you care to have a pair of Angel Wings hanging up for Halloween or maybe even Christmas? Well, you can make them yourself with little money and hardly any effort! 

I'm a very lazy crafter. I like to do projects that don't require much effort and don't have to be perfect. I also only like doing craft projects that don't cost me much money.  And I prefer to do crafts that don't require a trip to the store for supplies. Hopefully, I will already have all on hand to complete the project. 

These Angel Wings fit that criteria perfectly.  I already had all supplies on hand. 

Supplies needed are Coffee Filters, Card Board Box, Glue Gun/Glue Sticks and Ribbon. 

A store gift box was used as the cardboard. 

This really is an easy project. Both my friend and I each made a pair of wings. Her Angel Wings were much larger than mine. I actually wanted mine smaller. 

A free handed sketch was done of one wing. I included a square center to be where the other wing will attach. You can say "I winged it". 

Once one wing is drawn, you cut it out. You will use this wing as a template to trace another onto the other piece of cardboard. This way, both wings are the exact same size.  

Now you will hot glue the square centers together. I actually put scotch tape around the center as well to make it more secure. 

We started with folding a coffee filter in half. 

And then folding it in half again. 

We glued the filters at the bottom of one wing and worked our way up. You really can glue the filters anyway you like. It is still going to c
ome out looking nice. No need the try and be perfect. 

Oh my gosh! My friends wings are really coming together and looking beautiful! 

Once done, tie a ribbon around the center. My friend used a charm bracelet with a Cross to hang from her wall. 

Here is her end result! Lovely. 

I made a much smaller version of Angel Wings. I didn't fold my filters at all. I just  bunched up a filter and glued it to my wings.  I started at the bottom and worked my way up. 

I tied a bow around the center and I also made a hoop to hang it. I hot glued the hoop to the cardboard. Eventually, I might glue light pink felt to the back of mine. Maybe even add a light coat of silver spray glitter. 

I love how my small Angel Wings turned out. I am going to hang them in my room in memory of my Angel Baby. 

So pretty! Till next time! 



  1. These wings are so cute! You have been raking in great Halloween goodies. :-)

    Hope you have a super week!

  2. Thanks Sherri! You are such an Angel! :0)

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