Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Haunting Halloween Haul

It was a Halloween Haul at the Swap Meet today with most of my Goodies costing $1 or less! 

Ghost Picture Frame cost $1.50. My most expensive item of the day. 

The frame is already on display with a pic of Hubby and I on Halloween 3 years ago. I was Minnie Mouse and he was a Werewolf. What? I tried to talk him into being Mickey Mouse, but he wasn't having it! ;0)

Black and White Pumpkin cost $1! It reminds me of Jack Skellington. Love it!

Spooky Halloween Garden Flag cost $1. 
It was still sealed in the package. 

Purple Glitter Skull cost $1. The seller actually gave me another just like it that had a broken cheekbone. I plan on gluing a black rose to cover it up. 

Orange Glitter Skull cost $1. These are ceramic and look really nice in person. 

Candy Corn Lights cost $1. They look very bright when lit. Now I'm craving Candy Corn! 

Witch Crossing Signs cost $1 each. These light up and do work. They will be displayed in the yard for the trick or treaters. Consider them Warned! 

Iron Rack cost $1. I plan on hanging my Necklaces from it. 

Pumpkin Candle Holders cost 2 for $1. They are so spookerific! 

They are already on display as the Witches Brew! 

Here is the craziness that I was rummaging through at the Swap Meet today.

I kind of regret not getting that huge purple spider. There were two of them and they would of looked frightful on our front porch! :0(

Haunted House Picture Frame cost $1. I plan on putting a pic of Hubby and I in our costumes this Halloween. 

Skull Lights cost $1. These take a battery and flash different colors. Creeperific!

Pumpkin cost $1. It takes a battery and lights up. 

Snowman Picture Frame cost $1. Cute for Xmas this year. 

Bath and Body Works lotion cost $1. Even Witches like to smell good on Halloween! ;0)

The lotion had a price tag of $9.50. I like my $1 buying price much better!

Jelly Shoes cost $1. These still had the tags and had never been worn. I wore jelly shoes in elementary school and now I still will! 

Happy Haunting Glitter Wood Sign cost $1. 

It had an original price of $19.99. Geez! My $1 buying price was a Spooktacular Deal! 

Here it is on display with My Halloween Witch I got on a previous Swap Meet Haul for $1 or less. 

The Swap Meet is a Frightfully Fantastic Spot to buy Inexpensive Halloween Decorations! You should try it if you can. Happy Hunting and Haunting! Till next time! 


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