Monday, July 29, 2013

A Swap Meet Christmas Story

Oh my gosh! I soooo wanted to get this lamp. I couldn't believe the seller was only asking $35. I bet I could of negotiated and got it for less too. As soon as I saw it and asked the selling price, I took a pic and sent it to Hubby. He thought it was really cool, but said it didn't really match our style. Oh Husband, you are no fun. Think of what a conversation piece it would have been. The talk of every gathering. Sometimes Hubby makes me want to shoot my eye out kid! Do you feel my pain? So sadly, this sexy leg lamp did not come home with me. Cry, cry, sniffle, snort. 

Speaking of my "wonderful husband". He started a new job recently and his office does not have a Keurig coffee maker. This does not sit well with hubby who is a HUGE coffee lover and HUGE Keurig K-Cup lover. So, when at the swap, I spotted this red Keurig being sold for $35. It was a bit dusty, but looked in great shape. The seller said they didn't use it much because k-cups are so expensive. Believe me lady, I hear you on that. Though, that doesn't seem to matter to my hubbylicious. He wants what he wants. And yes, he is a bit spoiled. Though, so am I.  This Keurig is priced normally in the store for $179.99. And I ended up buying it for $30! Not too shabby. I usually don't like to buy certain things like this used, but I made the exception this time and I am happy I did. 

We have the same model Keurig at home in black. Once I thoroughly washed and cleaned the red one, I decided that I liked the red one more. So our black Keurig went with hubby to work and the other is our new red hot beauty! And it works perfectly! Yay!

This picture frame jewelry box cost $0.50! Love the velvet lining. It is already being used to hold my watches. 

This pink silhouette jewelry display cost $2. It is already displaying my earrings nicely. 

This pretty in pink basket cost $1. 

This sunflower butterfly arrangement cost $1. It's now sitting lovely on our fireplace. 

This picture frame cost $1. I heart it. 

This candle cost $0.50. I bought two others for $0.50 each as well.  At this price, I can never feel guilty about lighting candles. Candles are meant to be lit, no matter how pretty they might be. Enjoy your candles and light one tonight. 

I just love this vintage emerald green candy dish. Cost $1!

This lamp shade was attached to another lamp and the total price was $2. I thought it would look great on my orange vintage genie lamp and I was right! The other lamp went into our selling pile. 

How adorable is this Raggedy Ann Doll? I didn't ask the price of her, but thought she was adorable and oh so large! 

That's going to be it on this Swap Meet Story. Till you grab a cup of joe, light a candle and visit me again! And stay away from bb guns! You might shoot your eye out kid! ;0)


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