Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Sell at a San Diego Swap Meet

Why are... there so many... songs... about rainbows? And what's on the oooother side? Rainbows... are visions... but only illusions. Rainbows have nothing... to hide.

Why are... there so many... deals... at the Swap Meet?  Let's look... what's on the oooother side?  

Do you like my rainbow colored shirt? Well, I do. It's kind of country, just like I am at heart. It's a cute working around the house shirt, paired with some denim shorts. 

Would you believe hubby told me I looked like Raggedy Ann and Andy when he saw me today in this shirt? Hello hubby? Raggedy Ann and Andy are not one in the same. Anyway, I think Raggedy Ann and Andy are adorable. So, I will take that as a compliment. Thank you very much.
Raggedy Ann (that would be me) is thinking of going to sell at the National City Swap Meet in San Diego,CA this weekend. Have you ever sold at the Swap Meet before? I have and I always have lots of fun doing so. Who wouldn't like decluttering their home of unwanted items and making money in the process? I know I do!

I am constantly putting items I no longer want or use in the garage to eventually sell at the Swap Meet. We have had yard sales at our house before, but do to us not being on a main street, the turn out of buyers isn't very great. Even with online advertising and signs posted.  I have thought about organizing a neighborhood yard sale on our street. Though, I have yet to do so. I will get into my ideas on that in a later post.

When going to sell at the Swap Meet the best day to do so is usually on Saturday. That way you will still have an extra day to rest before returning to work on Monday. The whole process can be a bit tiring. Though, if you have someone helping you, it really isn't hard at all. I also think there is a better turn out of people at the Swap Meet on Saturdays. That means more money in your pocket! 

You will need to load the goods in your vehicle the evening before. Hubby and I always do this together. I usually point out what items and boxes need to be loaded and he uses his big muscles to put them in the truck.  This is where the 3-4 times a week at the gym pay off for him. ;0) 

While he is loading, I am sweeping and organizing what is left in the garage. By the time he is done loading, I am usually done cleaning and organizing.  The garage always feels so much nicer and spacious afterwards. If only we could keep it that way. If only... 

Here is a list of items you will need to bring, just so your selling experience will be a pleasant one.  A small ice chest with water, drinks and snacks. Folding chairs for you to sit on. A large umbrella to block the sun.  A portable radio. A tarp, old sheet, or old blanket to lay your items on. If you have a folding table or clothing rack to display your items, that would be ideal. Plastic bags for the buyers of your items.  

Make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing and definitely wear comfortable shoes. Don't forget the sunscreen, hat or sunglasses. A fanny pack for your money or a wrap around purse with a zipper. Having some loose change and bills on hand in the beginning is a good idea.

The National City Swap Meet is only a 5 minute drive from our house. The Swap Meet starts letting the sellers in at 7am. We leave our house around 6:30am. The cost to sell is $7 per stall. We have a truck and usually buy two stalls. Just so we have more room and can spread out all our items nicely. Total cost for us to sell is $14. Make sure to have cash on hand. Only cash is accepted. I believe you are only allowed to sell twice a year.  If you want to sell more than that, you will have to get a business license with the City.

Once you arrive at the Swap Meet you will see a lot of Sellers with their vehicles lined up in the parking lot.  There will be employees there guiding you where to park. The employees will give you a form to fill out that asks what you are selling and how much for. As well as your name, address and such. Having a pen on hand  is a good idea. 

Once 7am comes around the line of cars starts moving. They have an employee that collects the form you filled out and the fee for the stall(s). The employee gives you a ticket with a number that states the stall you will be on. Match the number of the ticket to the stall number painted on the ground. Park in that stall and unload your goods. Time to make money honey!

I always recommend selling with someone. It is so much easier to unload your vehicle with the help of someone else, all while trying to sell at the same time. Also, when you need a restroom break you will have someone to watch over everything and continue selling. I also like to walk around for a bit and browse/buy once things have slowed down. And I usually have my fanny pack full of money to do so. Yippie! And the circle continues... 

The Swap Meet closes at 3:30pm. Though, you are free to leave whenever you are ready.

Hubby and I usually take the items we don't sell to a goodwill donation center that is a 5 minute drive away. Easy breezy. Always make sure to keep your donation receipts for tax purposes. Got to save money where it counts!
That's going to be it on this post! I hope Raggedy Ann (me) has assisted you some on how to sell at the Swap Meet! Till next time!



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