Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Swap Meet Is My Happy Place

I'm on my way to the Happiest Place on Earth! And no, not Disneyland.  The Swap Meet! 

I forgot to wear my wedding ring on my Swap Meet trip. Uh oh. I had two different men tell me I was "So Beautiful". They both really did use those exact words too. Granted, they probably needed eyeglasses. So, the Swap Meet is not only an awesome place to find inexpensive goods. It is an awesome place to go and build your self-esteem! ;0) It's the place to be! ;0)

Here are the goodies I went home with! 

How cute is this Ceramic Peahen?!? Cost $0.50. 

I adore this Olive Glass with Grapes. Cost $1! 

Isn't this Peacock Painting amazing? This didn't come home with me though. It was priced at $40. 

Green Flower Platter cost $1. It appears to be vintage. 

Kitty Ring Holder cost $1. It's a bit tarnished, but shall clean up nicely with a bit of cleaner. 

Kitty Halloween Candy Bag cost $1! I already have a pumpkin one similar. Too cute!

Moon Night Light cost $1. Perfect for a baby room. What? I'm working on it! ;0)

Minnie Mouse Xmas Headband cost $0.50. Oh how I love Minnie! 

Martha Stewart Stencil Set cost $0.50. Not too shabby of a price. 

Flower Jewelry Dish cost $0.50. 

Perfect to hold a watch or two. 

Ceramic Owl cost $0.50. Love it! 

Frosted Joy Statue cost $0.50. I know the perfect person to give this to. 

Milk Glass Vase cost $0.50! Hot deal!

Xmas Oven Mitten cost $0.50. Still had the tag on it. 

Olive Glass Vintage Jar cost $1. Love this color. 

Pumpkin Salt & Pepper Shaker cost $1. 

They are so pretty! 

Basket Silverware Caddy cost $0.50. 

American Flag Purse cost $1. Looks like I might just be the all-American gal with the cutest purse on 4th of July! 

That's going to be it on my goodies bought on my Swap Meet trip! Till next time! 



  1. Glad you are back. More wonderful finds I see. Hope your week is off to a good start!


  2. Hi Sherri! Thanks so much! Lots of love to you!