Friday, September 5, 2014

A Sea Shell Cross from The Sea Shore

Step One- Gather Sea Shells. 
Step Two- Let Jesus take the wheel. 

If that doesn't work, here is what you do. 

I thought I would get in one last summery do it yourself project. A Sea Shell Cross with hand collected Sea Shells off the beautiful beaches of San Diego, CA. 

All I used was a gift box, hot glue gun/sticks and the Sea Shells I collected. 

I drew out the cardboard pieces to make the cross and glued them together. I actually made it thicker than this by cutting strips the same size to glue to the back. Due to the weight of the Sea Shells, I would suggest using pieces of wood or twigs. Though, both Crosses made today are hanging up just fine with the cardboard used. 

These are all Sea Shells collected by yours truly. I usually have them in glass jars on my front porch, but I brought these over to a friends house for this DIY project. 

This is the start of my friends Cross. She actually used the best Sea Shell I had for her center. What a gorgeous Sea Shell to be found at the beach. 

Here is how her Cross turned out. I like how she used shells of muscles at the bottom. 

Here is my Cross in process. This is a super easy project. All you do is hot glue the Sea Shells to the cardboard. 

I like that you really can't go wrong and it doesn't have to be perfect. It will all come together in the end. 

Such a lovely DIY project that didn't cost me anything, just the hot glue that was used. A piece of twine or string to hang it will work perfectly. A friend of mine even suggested sprinkling sand over it with modge podge. I like that idea. 

While I was busy collecting Sea Shells this day, my darling Husband was turning the beach into a giant etch-a-sketch. Sam hearts Leslie.  :0)

Back off ladies! This beach bathing beauty is all mine. 

Lots of Love to you and yours from the beautiful beaches of San Diego, CA. Wish you were here! 


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