Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Swap Meet Hump Day Haul

Get your mind out of the gutter will ya. By Hump Day, I mean Wednesday! ;0)

Vintage Mixer cost $1! I just adore the teal color of it. Talk about mixing up a sweet deal! 

Crystal Lamp cost $1. Works too. It didn't come with a lamp shade, but what do you expect for a buck! 

Metal Decorative Picture Frame cost $1.  It's so romantic looking. It makes me want to insert a photo of Hubby and I gazing into one another's eyes.

Flower Clutch Purse cost $1. It's such a cutie. 

Mini Basket cost $0.50. I'm going to use it to hold chalk for our chalk board in the dining room. It even has a hanging hook on the back of it. 

I know, we really should start eating healthier. Though, I did skip on the cookies went I went shopping today. :0)

Velvet Leopard Make-up Bag cost $0.50. In great condition too.  

Bouquet of Artificial Flowers cost $1. I have the perfect vase for them too. 

See told ya. Perfect. ;0)

Lighthouse Lamp cost $1! What a fantastic buy! This is actually going to be for a friend of mine that is doing her bathroom in a nautical theme. 

Two Iron Curtain Rods cost $3 for both. They might just be my best buy of the day! 

This haul is a bit short and sweet. Till next time sweeties! 


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