Friday, February 14, 2014

A Sweet Iced Tea Valentine's Day Treat

Up until last year I had never known how to make iced tea at home. I just figured it was a special treat I would have when my Husband and I would go out to lunch or dinner. 

(My facial expression is a bit serious. Iced Tea making is serious business!)

I had watched a few videos on making iced tea by sun brewing and boiling water, but that seemed like way too much work for this Southern Belle. 

Then, I came across a video on a iced tea maker. Say what? I have heard of coffee makers, but NEVER a iced tea maker! Your kidding right? Nope, I'm not. 


And Lucky me. On one of my Swap Meet Outings a lady was selling a Iced Tea Maker brand new in the box with two pitchers for $3. Good deal!

Just in case you might be as clueless as I was on homemade iced tea made the easy way. I thought I would make you a glass. 

All you need is 5 iced tea bags and water. If you are near a 99 Cent Only Store, they sell boxes of 100 tea bags for only 99 cents! 

This is where you place the tea bags and where the hot water will pour over. 

You will fill the pitcher with cold water to the marked water line. 

The top reservoir is where the water is then pored into. 

Do not turn the iced tea maker on until  the water is poured in and the pitcher is in place. 

Close top of reservoir and place mouth of pitcher lid next to machine where hot water will pour out of. 

Press the on button and the work will be done for you. No need to even watch it. It will shut off when done. I believe it will make about 4 large glasses. 

I like mine flavored with 3 sugar packets and squeezed lemon. Of course you can flavor to your preference. 

I'm sure there are lots of different types and models that work just as easy too. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! May you have a Sweet Tea of a Day! 



  1. I am from the South..I love my Sweet Tea :) I make it almost every day for our dinner. I grew up having Tea for dinner. Enjoy!



  2. I love it too Sherri! My favorite is peach! Thanks for taking the time to comment! :0)