Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Cup of Tea and a Juicy Story

Hello my Flower Gloves and Rubber Boots Visitors. I'm so very happy you stopped by! Have a seat. Would you like sugar and lemon in your tea?

I am very new to the blogging world. I have been wanting to create a blog for awhile now.  Up until about a year ago, I never knew there was a whole blogging world out there that had the same interests as me.  As far as, do it yourself, repurpose and refurbish, and shopping on a shoe string budget. A world of Craigslist, thrift store, yard sale, and flea market shoppers. Besides myself and about a handful of others, I personally don't know many that are interested in any of those things. And if they are, they are not saying. I am proud to be thrifty and I always will be. It is nothing to be embarrassed of. Do you know how much money I save my hubby and I? Lots! And we have a happy home surrounded by lots of things we love and a majority only cost around the dollar mark! Though, no matter how much money we save or happen to have in our bank account, I am always going to be frugal and shop this way. It is a passion of my mine that I oh so enjoy!

I am currently not working at the moment. I have been working so very hard since I was 16 years old, without much of a break in between. I recently left my previous job after being there for 11 years. Yes, 11 years! That is a long time to be at one place. I had reached the highest position I could there. There was no more room for advancement. I just felt that I would have been really disappointed in myself if I was to have stayed another 10 years. Which, could have easily happened. It does take a lot of courage and strength to leave somewhere you are comfortable at. To put yourself out there. Not knowing what the future has in store for you.  Though, I was willing to do so. I am ready for the challenge.  I will not let uncertainty or fear hold me back any longer.  I do not like settling. I want to reach my full potential. I know there is more for me to learn and more for me to become. I have to do what makes my soul happy.  I need to feel proud of myself. I deserve it. And I love myself enough to do so.

And something tells me, I am going to be alright. :0)

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