Saturday, September 5, 2015

A "Halloween Tree" Swap Meet Haul

Christmas came early this year! The "Nightmare Before Christmas" that is...

I scored this 6ft Black Halloween Tree for $12 at the Swap Meet today! Looky Here at Tall Dark and Handsome! I have been wanting a black tree forever. Now it is mine, mine I tell you! I just can't wait to spooky it up with Halloween Decorations!

Here is what I have in mind for it. 

Or this...

Glitter Halloween Signs were 2 for $1.50! They are of thick wood and quality. 

Toddler Green and Red Checkered Christmas Dress cost $1! 

Toddler Sparkly New Years Eve Dress cost $1! Different seller of the Checkered dress too. 

Hooter Hider cost $1! Perfect for Hiding your Hooters when nursing. ;0)

Yellow/White Basket cost $1. Would be cute to use as Diaper Storage. 

Rustic Gold Picture Frame cost $0.50. 

I have a great spot for it too. 

Looks good to me! 

Hot Baths Iron Hook cost $1. Love it! 

Rectangle Basket cost $1. Good for Children Books. 

Large Basket cost $1. Good for Diaper Storage. 

Chicken Picture cost $2. I grew up with roosters and chickens and adore this. 

I think the Chicken Picture would look great in the pantry above my DIY Chalkboard. 

It needs to be cleaned first of course. 

And it goes well with my Copper Molds. 

Well, that's going to be it on my Swap Meet Haul. Not a whole lot, but I am happy with everything I got. Thanks for stopping by! Till next time! :0)



  1. Yay, you're back!!! Love all your goodies. Looks like you are set for fall and Halloween.


  2. Thanks For noticing Sherri! Oh how I LOVE Fall and Halloween! Take care Lovely Lady! 😃