Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Hump Day Swap Meet Haul

Leave it to me to visit the only Swap Meet open on a Wednesday in sunny San Diego, California. There is a $1 entrance fee on Wednesdays and it is located at 2170 Coronado Ave.,San Diego, CA  92154.  So, if you don't know, now you know. ;0)

In case you would like to take a peep at my pretty purchases, these are my Must Haves, that I Didn't Need. ;0)

Ceramic Rooster Plates cost 5 for $5. A bit more than I wanted to spend. Though, they appear to have never been used with tags still on the back.

Yellow Vintage Mixing Bowl cost $1. Love this feather print. 

Heart Mirrored Photo Album cost $1. I heart it. 

L for Leslie Ornament cost $0.50. It was new in the box and originally cost $4.99. 

Baby Picture Frame cost $1. 

Avon Hobnail Milk Glass Bell cost $0.50. A sweet addition to my Milk Glass collection. 

Santa Mug cost $0.50. Too cute. 

Bath & Body Works Candle and Sleeve cost $1. The candle had an original price tag of $19.50 and the snow flake sleeve had an original price tag of $5. I really just wanted the snow flake sleeve, the half burned candle was just a bonus. 

Vintage Christmas Tree Pin cost $0.50. 

Large Pottery Pumpkin Planter cost $1. This will look great with mums planted in it for Halloween. It's super heavy and I adore it!

Little Witch cost $0.50. She was new in the package and lights up. 

Halloween Mugs cost 2 for $1. Pumpkin Platter cost $1. 

Turkey cost $0.50. This had an original Hallmark price tag of $15.95!

Outdoor Decorative Pillows cost $1 each. 

They are already being put to good use. 

Sitting pretty in the backyard. 

And no, I didn't get this guy out of bed for this. ;0) I traveled solo/lightly on this Swap Meet Haul.  

Till next time! :0)


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