Monday, September 29, 2014

A DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

I thought I would share a Halloween Ghost Garland. It was made with no money spent. All supplies were already on hand and found around the house. 

Supplies I used were: Napkins, Scissors, Tape, A Black Marker and Black Yarn. 

To create this Ghostly Guy: You will fold a square napkin into a triangle once, gather it together at the top corner, tie a cut piece of yarn around that gathered corner and draw a ghostly face. 

Once you have a few Ghostly Guys done you will then tie them to a long piece of yarn. I used tape to secure the yarn to our mantel. 

This project was done with a friend of mine. She made different types of faces on her ghosts. I think they look spooky and a bit vintage. 

These are the ones I made. It's a graveyard of ghosts! 

I like to think of my ghosts as friendly. 

That's going to be it on my Ghostly Garland! Till next time! 

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