Friday, September 26, 2014

99 Cent Sparkly Halloween Decorations

Here in San Diego we have 99 Cent Only Stores. Almost everything in the store cost $0.99. There are a few things of better quality that are $1.99, but for the most part all else is $0.99. 

I stop into the one near our home on a weekly basis. You really can't beat the deals you find. There are even groceries at that price. The items you find are usually a better deal than what you would get at a grocery store. So, give it a try sometime. You might just be amazed at what you can get for your money. 

Today I took a stroll down their Halloween Aisle. I had planned on taking pictures to share, but had forgot my phone. Unprepared, I know...

Sparkly Happy Halloween Sign I thought was a good buy. I wanted a little something extra to decorate our mirror and add that extra sparkle. 

Sparkly Purple Witches at 5 for $0.99! 

 Sparkly Skeletons at 5 for $0.99! 

Sparkly Pumpkins at 5 for $0.99! 

These are of pretty good size and really nice looking. An awesome deal at that price! 

I might make a garland for our fireplace with them. Or if I can find a black tinsel halloween tree to decorate.

I like this Skeleton I bought there at $0.99. He has such a creepy smile! I plan on putting him in the window to keep an eye on the neighborhood. ;0)

Well, that's going to be it on my Sparkly Halloween Haul! Till next time Creepy Skeletons, Witches and Pumpkins! 


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