Monday, December 2, 2013

Vintage Finds At The Swap Meet

I was minding my own business on a Friday evening when I received a text from my Husband's Cousin wondering if I would like to go to the Swap Meet on Saturday. Who me? Well, of course! I will be happy to oblige! 

Here are the goods I took home. 

Lovely Stitched/Velvet Bird Pillow for $0.50! I adore it. It will look great on the porch come spring time. 

Leather and Turquoise Bracelet cost $0.25. It's so Wyoming. That's where my mom is from. Sticking to my roots! 

Mini Basket with Lid cost $0.25! I have been wanting one of these. Perfect for storing eye cream tubes or tweezers. Anything mini really. 

Vintage Amber Sun/Moon Candy Dish cost $1! Would you believe that this exact dish is being sold on EBay for $67.00? Score! 

North American Bird Book cost $1! I love Owls! The cover is just fantastic! It will be great as a coffee table book. 

I'm so glad my side kick pointed this book out to me. I might have missed it! Thanks Nene!

Glass Canister with Wood Lid cost $1! Perfect for Pantry Storage. I'm hoping to accumulate a set of these. In time, I'm sure. 

Vintage Grape Balls cost $1! I have been wanting one of these. They come in different colors too. Love it!

Picture Frame cost $0.50! Good deal. 

Set of Colorful Glasses cost 4 for $1! Too pretty to pass up. 

Crystal Heart cost $0.50! So lovely to use to hold my bracelets. 

3 Leaf Clover Wood Bowl cost $1! So 70's baby! Will be great for nuts. I think it is fantastic! 

Glass Canister cost $1! Great buy! 

Pink Jewelry Box cost $0.50. Too cute. 

I plan on using it to keep my rings together and organized. 

Makeup Bag cost $0.50! Love the colors! 

Candle Holder cost $0.25! This will be perfect for Halloween. It reminds me of candy corn. Yum. 

Witch Canister cost $1! I adore it. I plan on embellishing her hat some. 

Santa Head Band cost $0.25. This will look great on Hubby. ;0)

I also bought two bins. A black and a purple for $1 each! A little water hose action and they will be good as new. Great for storing away all my Thanksgiving Decorations.

Yep, this is how I roll. No shame in my game! 

Here are the goods my cousin Nene went home with. Looks like she made out like a Bandit as well. 

Bagel Toaster cost her $5, Mail slot cost $3, Xmas Dish set cost $3, Beige Picture Frame cost $1, Blue Mesh Bag cost $0.25, Heart Key Chain cost $0.25, and Turquoise Vase cost $1.  I'm not sure of the prices on the other items, but I know they were not more than $1 each!

That's going to be it on this haul. I had so
much fun this day and especially enjoyed the company. 

A lot of useful items bought, with not much money at all spent. Till next time my fellow Thrifty Chicks! 


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