Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farewell Fall Decorations of 2013

It's time to finally pack up our Fall Decorations of 2013 y'all. I'm getting a bit of a late start. Mostly because it's a whole lot to pack up.  I'll admit, I have been procrastinating a bit.  But sheesh! You would too! 

I just adore all of our super cute fall decorations. 

They looked so pretty displayed throughout our home. I enjoyed admiring all of their uniqueness. 

Knowing that I purchased almost all of the them for a dollar or less on my Flea Market adventures. 

Wondering where they were previously displayed in their former owners homes. 

Questioning why someone would want to get rid of something so very cute. 

Wait! Now I know why! It just came to me! They didn't want to pack this crap up! 

Good thing I have a fondness for crap. I shall take the time to pack it all away. 

And no, the orange kitty isn't being packed away with all the orange decorations. 

Though, he is on punishment for running away for three hours the other night. Bad Explorer Kitty! ;0)

Farewell Fall Decor! It has been a 2013 Fall Full of Fun! A Happy Harvest For Sure! 


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