Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rudolph's Bling Jingle Makeover

Well, hello handsome guy. It's been awhile. A year in fact. How have you been? You're looking as ruggedly handsome as ever. 

I purchased Rudolph for $1 over two years ago at a yardsale down the street. I thought he was so unique. He's made of metal and appeared to be missing a few bells on his antlers. 

Last year I had a bow around his neck, but it has since come off while being stored. 

At a yardsale recently, I purchased these packages of bells for $0.50 each.  When bringing out my holiday decor, I thought they would look great on Rudolph. 

Now he's all spruced up and ready for some holiday cheer. Gotta sport the bling during the holiday season. 

Ruldolph enjoys being center of attention.    And what better place than our fireplace mantel. 

Keep in mind when buying items secondhand, there is nothing a little embellishment can't usually fix. 

How cute would a mini red bell hot glued to his nose be? I shall see if I can find one. :0)

Till next time my fellow fixer uppers! Bling on! 


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