Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Noble Fir Xmas Tree of 2013

Look who has her very own Lumberjack! That would be me of course. Husband you are so big and strong.  

It was perfect timing when heading on out to get our Xmas Tree. It rained really hard an hour later and until late evening.  I like when lady luck is on our side 

Looks like there is plenty of parking for us this day. Though, we have been here other years when it was super packed. 

Hey! That's false advertising! Ours cost $40 plus tax! However, we did get a Noble Fir and not a Douglas. Not sure why that would make a difference though. 

Looks like we have chose a winner folks! 

Such a large selection. 

Doesn't our Xmas Tree Salesman have the cutest dimples?  Ssshh... Don't tell my Husband I said so. 

Well, Hello There Mr. Noble Fir. Are you ready to take a drive with us to a warm and cozier place? We would just love to spend the holidays together and have you spruce up our home.  

We are all loaded up with our newest addition to the family.  That would be our Noble Fir Xmas Tree of 2013! 

Have a very Blessed and Happy Holiday Season! :0)


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