Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wise Swap Meet Shopping

It was a fun trip to the Swap Meet with my Mother In Law! 

Some people are really surprised when shopping at the Swap Meet. They are so very shocked at what you can get for your money and want to buy everything in sight! That was my Mother In Law this day. To say she went home with the mother load is an understatement. Though, she really did get a lot of goodies. 

Here are my Wise Shopping Decisions of the day.  

Etched Mirror Candle Holders cost 2 for $1! I just adore the one with the owls, birds and deer. These were still in the plastic in never used condition. 

Silver Bead Garland cost $1.50 for all. Great deal. 

Green Drinking Glasses cost 2 for $1. The glass is very thick and I just love the color.

Gem Frames cost $0.25 each and the Monogram Ornament cost $0.50. 

Large Polka Dot Snowman Plate cost $0.50. I had just washed it for its photo shoot. 

Colorful Wood Garland cost $1 for all. It will look so very cute on the Christmas Tree. 

Brass Candle Holder cost $0.50. It will be great to hold larger candles. 

Rooster Lamp cost $0.50. It will look adorable on the kitchen counter. 

Vintage Pyrex Dish cost $1! Super good buy! 

Turquoise Vase cost $0.50! I am thinking of using it to hold my bracelets. 

Baby Owl cost $0.50. He makes a sound too. I just couldn't pass him up. Have I mentioned that I have a love for owls? I sooo do.

Indian Statue cost $0.50. This will look great next to my Pilgrim Statue come next Thanksgiving. Would you believe I have actually been wanting an Indian one? It's true. 

Fox Stuffed Animal cost $1. He will look adorable as decoration come next Thanksgiving. 

Owl Family cost 4 for $1! They are such a hoot and super cute! 

Huge Uncle Sam cost $1! This is going to look awesome on the porch for 4th of July!

That's going to be it on this haul. I got a lot of unique buys for not much money at all. Till next time my fellow wise money saving shoppers! 


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