Monday, November 25, 2013

Secondhand Is A Smart Way To Shop

I think these corn stalk candles are so fun! Perfect for Thanksgiving decoration. 

Pair of Corn Stalk Candles cost $0.50. I knew I had the perfect home for them. 

Brown Coffee Filters cost $1. The brown ones are really hard to find. And no, these cannot be used with our Keurig. I bought them for a craft project.  Coffee Filter Wreath anyone?

San Francisco Plate cost $2. My Husband and I visited San Francisco recently and I just couldn't pass this up. San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit, it is such a lovely city. I might just blog about our trip. :0)

Expandable Coat Rack cost $0.50! I already have one just like this that I am using for my belts. I plan on using this one for my hats. 

Denim Photo Album cost $0.25!  Too cute!

It's in like new condition too. 

Halloween Candle Holders cost $0.25 each and Halloween Bucket cost $0.50. 

Iron Basket cost $1! This will be great for the pantry. It's much larger than it appears in this photo. Love it! 

Isn't this Plate Holder fantastic?! (Plates not included.) I really couldn't pay the man fast enough! 

The Plate Holder cost $0.50! I have been wanting one of these. It will be great for parties that are buffet style. 

Vintage Turquoise Jar cost $1. Love the color. 

Makeup Bag cost $1. I think it is so pretty. 

Pottery Barn Handsoap Dispenser cost $1. I plan on using it at the sink near our washer and dryer. 

Plastic Tubs cost $0.50 each. They were from different sellers too. 

Plastic Baskets cost $0.50 each.  The Swap Meet is a great place for storage bins and baskets. Cheaper than the Dollar Store too. 

Plastic Containers cost $0.50 each! I like to use these for nails and screws. I actually have one only for nails and another only for screws. It makes finding what you are looking for so easy. 

I was excited to find this one with larger slats. I knew it would be perfect for keeping our batteries in place. I use to have our batteries in a bag. Which, was not functional at all. 

That's going to be it on this Swap Meet Haul. Shopping Secondhand really does save my Husband and I lots of money. It allows us to spend more freely on the new expensive must haves and to travel when we like.  Secondhand shopping can be quite fun too. I know I enjoy it. You should try it sometime! :0)

Till next time my fellow Penny Pinching Friends! 

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