Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Swap Meet Haul

It's Leslie Marie and Tabitha Marie! One of us seems to be in a mood and it isn't me. Notice the eye roll?  I just wanted to share a photo of my Brat Cat that I love and adore. 

I made out like a Bandit with a quick trip to the Swap Meet this morning! 

How cute is this Thanksgiving Outdoor Flag? Cost $0.50! These flags cost a lot more in stores. 

Xmas Chalk Board cost $0.50. I plan on embellishing it with Xmas bells or balls.

Velvet Blue Xmas Stocking cost $0.50. This will be just lovely for my Husband Sam.

Valentine Stickers were FREE!

Fourth of July Holiday Sign cost $1. It will be great for the month of July on the porch. 

Fruit/Vegetable Bags cost 2 for $1. I'm a bit excited about these. I'm wondering if they will actually keep the items fresh longer. Does anyone know? If so, that will be fantastic! 

Shelf Riser cost $1. It will be great for can goods in the pantry. It's in like new condition too. 

Basket cost $1. Perfect for the pantry. 

Corn Stalk Dishes cost 2 for $1. Hubby and I love corn on the cob. These will be yummy for that. 

Wheat Grass Glass Jar cost $0.50. Love it!

White Shelf cost $1! I plan on using it in the bathroom. 

Containers for Cabinet Organization. The small ones cost $0.50 each and the large pink one cost $2.00! Awesome deals! 

Carbon Monoxide Detector cost $0.50. We shall see if it works. 

That's going to be it on this Haul. A majority of my buys are for Holiday Decorating and Home Organization.  I think I did fairly well with not much money spent. Consider buying items like this second hand. It is so much cheaper than in the stores. Till next time!  


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