Monday, November 11, 2013

Vintage Glassware Swap Meet Haul

It was a successful trip to the Swap Meet.  My long time friend and I got an early start and headed out to the Swap Meet around 9am. Too bad I didn't get a photo of us together. I guess I will have to do.   

Here I am with my new Necklace purchase of the day. Cost $1.  

Welcome Friends! This Little Gobble Gobble Turkey cost $0.50.  I think he will enjoy welcoming our visitors. 

Amber Flower Bowl cost $1. I think this is just Gorgeous. It shines much nicer than this too. I had yet to wash it for it's photo shoot. 

Green Glasses cost 2 for $1. The glass is very thick and the color is so lovely. I think I will use them as candle holders. 

Vintage Flower Plates cost $0.25 each!  I bought a total of 8. These will be great for pumpkin pie and to use for visitors during the fall season. Now I'm craving a slice of pie with cool whip and a pumpkin spice latte. Yum. 

Golden Frames cost 2 for $1!  Good deal.  I like the unique design of each of them. They will be perfect for my wall collage. 

Amber Glassware cost 9 for $1.50! Hot dog that was a hot deal! I was only going to buy the larger ones for that price, but the seller said I could have them all for that amount. It was an offer I could not refuse. I think the color is just Stunning. 

Iron Pear Candle Holder cost $1. It's so Adorable! 

Purse cost $1. It will be great to use for fall. 

Mercury Glass Vase cost $1. Love it!

Silver Crystal Coasters cost $0.25 each! These appear to be vintage. They could also be used as ashtrays or candle holders. Though, I plan on using them as coasters for our bedroom nightstands. 

Peacock Water Bottle cost $1. I adore anything Peacock! 

Navy Bead Necklace cost $1 and Emerald Gem Bracelet cost $0.50. They will look great for the Holiday Season. 

Bracelet Jewelry Display and Ring Display cost $1 each! I have been wanting each one of these for the longest time! Now they are mine! Mine I tell you! 

Hanging Jewelry Display cost $1.  Organization is key. 

Pelican Plaque cost $0.50. It is too cute. 

Large Heart Serving Platter cost $0.50! This will be great for homemade cookies. I heart it! 

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a photo of the goods my friend took home. She purchased a Shark Navigator Vacuum for $20! A super good buy! And works great too! She was also on the hunt for baskets to get more organized and she totally scored on so very many. 

Later that day when my Darling Husband and I were out and about, we stopped at a yardsale. These are the goods I bought there. 

Wrapping Paper cost $0.50 per roll. They had never been opened. They also had the regular price tags on them and would have cost $15 plus tax in the store. I like my $1.50 price much better. 

Xmas bells cost $0.50 per bag and Xmas gift boxes cost $0.50 for set. Sweet deals!

Here is the view Hubby and I captured of Downtown San Diego California today. Gotta love it! 

Be sure to enjoy your time with family and friends! And always take in the view! Till next time! Pinch those pennies where it counts!



  1. I moved away from Mission Beach 36 years ago. The skyline, and the entire city, have changed so much in that time. We have no family left in San Diego so we don't get there much anymore.

  2. Try to visit every so often if you can. It is such a Lovely City with so much to do. Thank you for sharing. :0)