Friday, November 8, 2013

My Gaudy Cell Phone Case

It may be Gaudy, but I LOVE IT!

Oh how I love Peacocks! So much so that our Wedding Day was done in a Peacock Theme. Our wedding colors were royal blue and turquoise. My two favorite colors. 

The year my Husband and I got married we went to Hawaii for my Birthday. 

And guess what we ended up seeing? Peacocks and Peahens! 



In search of a new cell phone case for my iPhone 4S, my love of peacocks came to mind.  I came across a whole bunch of peacock cell phone cases on EBay for less than $5! That's my kind of deal! 

Very inexpensive and so many different styles and designs to choose from. I received mine in one week. It is so very pretty in person too. 

Now when I look at my cell phone, I shall think of all our lovely memories. 

Till next time Peacocks and Peahens! 


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