Monday, October 21, 2013

Savvy Swap Meet Shopping

Don't even say we look alike! Witch cost $1 on a previous Swap Meet Haul. And as for me? Well, I'm Priceless! ;0)

I decided to head to the Swap Meet on an early Saturday Morning for a two hour tour. An hour and forty minute tour to be exact. 

Colorful Bead Clutch cost $2. I think it is Fantastic! The guy who sold it to me asked me "What are you?". I didn't know how to respond. Uh, a human being. I think he might have been flirting. I guess I still got it. Ssshh, don't tell my husband. ;0)

Blue Candle cost $0.25. I love to burn candles. So buying one for a quarter is ideal. 

Bird Picture cost $1. Birdie Baby you had me at hello! 

Basket cost $1. We are building a pantry and this will be great for storage on one of the shelves. Maybe mini bags of chips, taco seasoning packets, bags of nuts or something. I'm sure I will figure it out. 

Vintage Navy Blue Glasses cost 2 for $1. Isn't that color just gorgeous? I think they are great!

Mexican Ceramic Tissue Holder cost $1. I have a few others similar with a different design. I heart it. 

Crown cost $0.50. I have the perfect Queen Costume for this. Now I am torn on whether to be a Queen or Flapper for Halloween. Then again, I am the Queen in our household everyday. Flapper it is! 

Fur Leopard Print Apron cost $1. This will be great as part of a Halloween costume. I'm thinking with a black fitted dress, black tights, black heels, ears, tail and face paint. Cute right? Maybe next year... 

Red Purse cost $1. Would you believe I have a gray one just like it? Though, this one is red hot! 

Ginger Bread Spatula cost $0.50. How cute would it be to use when baking cookies? Now I want to bake some, just so I can use this spatula. What? You would too. 

Gold Picture Frame cost $0.50. Anyone know this lovely lady? Her name is Rosemary. I would be happy to mail the photo back to her or a family member. The photo was given to Joe, who did preserve it by putting it in a frame for so many years. 

Genuine Leather Purse cost $1.50. Ooh, how I love this purse! It will go great with my moccasin boots that have fringe. 

Now for my Necklace Haul all purchased by the same lady today. 

Green Bead Necklace cost $0.50. Love the color! 

Yellow Bead Necklace cost $0.50. 

Reddish Bead Necklace cost $0.50. 

Colorful Bead Necklace cost $0.50! I really like this one. 

Pastel Bead Necklace cost $0.50. 

Pink Bead Necklace cost $0.50. So Pretty. 

Now I want a Necklace Display for my postings. I think I might just make one. 


That's going to be it on this haul. You really can get so much more for your money when shopping second hand. You should try it some time. Happy Thrifting!


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