Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Halloween Swap Meet Haul

Well, just a few a Halloween items for not much money at all. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday. I'm so excited it is almost here! 

Halloween Kitchen Towels cost $0.25 each and Halloween Candles cost $0.25 each. 

Devil Costume was free! That's my kind of bargain.  I know Hubby would enjoy seeing me in this. Only because I'm such an Angel all year of course. Geez, what were you thinking... ;0)

Sequin Dress cost $1! Holy smokes this was a fantastic buy at that price! It might just be part of my Halloween costume this year. I'm thinking of being a Flapper from the 20's. It's not fringe, but might just work. 

Orange Bin cost $2. It will be great for storing our Halloween Decorations. 

Orange Brass Planter cost $0.25! It was made in Germany. 

Cookie Press Icing Dispenser cost $0.25! Oh my! What a deal!

Basket cost $0.25. I'm going to use it in a drawer for pens. 

Moose Plaque cost $0.25. It's a little chipped, but I plan on touching it up with paint. I think it is super cute and will look great in our (wo)man cave. 

Picture Frame cost $0.25. It will be a great addition to a wall collage I'm working on. 

Gold Leaf Paint cost $0.50 each. 

Brass Candle Holder cost $0.25. I love the design. 

Greeting Cards cost $0.25 a pack. Great buy. 

Green Wallet cost $1. I use one similar that is getting old. This will replace that one. 

So much storage space. This will be perfect. :0)

Vintage Ashtray cost $0.25. This will be put outside for our visitors that smoke. 

Bathroom Robe Hook cost $0.25! Awesome deal. It was brand new in the box. 

Picture Frame Photo Album cost $1. Super neat that it can stand as a frame, but is also an album. 

Xmas Tree Container cost $0.25.  Xmas Ginger Bread Wrapping Paper cost $0.25. It had never been opened. 

Green Vintage Collinder cost $1. I already have a red, blue, pink and chrome one. So, I really didn't need to buy this. I'll admit it, I hoard collinders. ;0)

Bead Necklace cost $0.50.  I love the colors. 

Picture Frame cost $1. Perfect for my wall collage. 

That's going to be it on this haul my Trick or Treaters! Till next time!


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